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iMusicThings - an easy, affordable, yet presentable way to create your own 3D music products to share with your audiences.

And today, we are so glad to invite Mok Hoi Him, Hong Kong local musician, to illustrate how he feels about this product!

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iMuiscThings is an innovative way to release your music and transform it into physical products. It simplifies all the complex procedures within an app. Tangible products can be personalized based on your design. Combined with our 3DS3 Technology, your music will sound like a pro with our complex mixing/mastering knowledge!

From now on you can have your song released on any merchandise!

If you are a BIG fan of local music instead of a musician, you can still support us on backing our 3D Music T-shirt / Cap. Supported by the local singer Mok Hoi Him (Gio) and local Hong Kong Bands, a random picked 3D Hong Kong band music will be rewarded with the merchandise as well! How cool is that?!

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