Orchestral song I heard on TV posted by Marley Watson

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Orchestral song I heard on TV on December 14, 2013 @ 9:21 pm
by Marley Watson  
It was bugging me where the song is from. When I say orchestral song, it was pretty simple harmony wise, but made use of orchestral instruments. The chord progression was I-III-VII-IV in a minor key (for example if it was Am the chords where Am C G Dm) and the melody was -123-345-2346543 , if each - or number represented a beat, and the numbers were representative of their relative note on the scale, and the chords moved every bar. Sorry for being so unhelpful but I didn't work out the key, if what I've just explained is too cryptic I'll upload me playing it onto soundcloud and share it on here

Thanks! (: