butterfly piano piece posted by Joel Choy

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butterfly piano piece on December 6, 2009 @ 6:33 pm
by Joel Choy Joel Choy is currently offline. Click to send a message.

I fell in love with this piece from my deceased friend's funeral back in May 2008. I discovered it is called butterfly and only has the mp3 version for it. I would be dying to be able to locate the scores for it to play it in memory of my deceased friend.

I tried all my bags of tricks of music recognition softwares, none of the results were satisfactory as the original mp3 version.

It is written in D major same as Cannon.

I got the name of the piece from the memoral services that it was from a Seattle company Disk Eyes Productions at www.diskeyes.com. Since then I have emailed them at least 3 times without any replies.

It might be that I am Canadian and needs a fellow American to get their services.

The key is in Disk Eyes Productions to provide the artist for this piece. It could be an improvized piece originated in Washington State somewhere.

I just need a good samaritan American to contact Disk Eyes for me to locate information for this piece.

You can hear the piece from this link below.