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Re: butterfly piano piece posted by Joel Choy on November 26, 2015 @ 4:52 pm
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On November 26, 2015 David Scott wrote:

Spock's Beard - Their Names Escape Me

Is it the name of the group or the pianist ? Thanks for the lead.

Widi software did got some script after the company worked on it but it is still a lot of work to get the exact note to print right. I have been very busy with my oracle DBA work so my grand piano has not been for a number of years. Definitely soon when I fully retired.

Appreciate very much if you could explain. I got the name of the piece from the funeral director in Vancouver and the source in Seattle area but the company didn't reply me a single note so I am still searching. Piano sound turns out to be the most difficult to get back the original note. Let me know if there is a better software for this to generate back the score easily and 100% correct if you know of one.

Yes I can improvise with simple chords but I want to be as original as possible may be I am too classical a pianist.