Scammer on this site: ALERT! posted by martinjenkins

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Re: Scammer on this site: ALERT! on August 18, 2012 @ 9:15 pm
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After they wrote to me first time saying they didn't want to publicize it I was given an email to write to supposedly a recruitment email at Holiday Inn Kensington. I was told to send my resume etc. and told that my material screened byt the music dept. head who was looking to replace 5 ....... yes FIVE bands . Can you imagine the Holiday Inn having five bands, plus it is extremely difficult to get a residency contract in Englan as hotels use the locals. The English in the email was atrocious so that also raised my suspicion. So I did a little searching and found some info on the net which said that the so called head of recruitment did not infact exist and the email addresses using @london are frequently used by scammers. The phone numbers given are all apparently mobile numbers anyway.
After the second email I sent them an email back telling them to get an honest job like the rest of us and not to be parasites.
But even as I sent it, I received a third email saying that my material had been viewed and I was chosen.... WOW

Hope this is helpful