Re: I'm New to Oboe posted by Sammi Notgoingtosay

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Re: I'm New to Oboe posted by Sammi Notgoingtosay on August 13, 2017 @ 9:30 pm
by john cartie  

well first congrats on starting to play the oboe a lot of people don't want to play it because they say its to hard. But with practice you will get better. about your question, I'm just starting as well (little over a year) and i found the biggest hurdle was oboe reeds. My teacher told me to not focus on reeds and buy them online. This helped me SO much! I could practice and not have to worry about if i have a good reed for the concert or for rehearsal. I highly recommend getting your oboe reeds from
They have worked so well for me I think you should give them a try. I would go with Intermediate-soft they worked REALLY well when I was first starting. I never had a problem ordering or anything . You should try it out.