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Re: Dear colleRe: Rudolf Sofron violin... on December 7, 2009 @ 4:55 pm
by Martin from Prague   
Hi Deb,
this is quite fascinating for me and my family, since Rudolf Sofron was my grand-granduncle living in Prague and I would not imagine that some of his instruments will be found elsewhere on the world. Making of musical instruments was his hobby and he was not a professional, but to my knowledge he was quite good at this.
Can't tell you anything about this particular violin but at least I can confirm that the name and origin is not a fake.
Cheers, Martin

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Hi Fellow Musicians!

I am desperately seeking info about the Czech violin maker (Rudolf Sofron) who was actively making violins in the 1940s (maybe before and/or after). I have a violin made by him from an estate inheritance. So far, I have found one other one made by him at this website:

Number 19 at this site was made by him in 1944 in Prague. The one I have was also made by him in 1944 in Prague.

This is what it says about this on line violin (the one which is #19 on the above site):

Sehr gut erhaltene Prager Violine mit Etikett
Rudolf Sofron, Praha 1944, Perfekter Zustand, spielfertiges Instrument mit leichter Ansprache - which translates to
"Very well maintained violin from Prague with label Rudolf Sofron, Prague 1944, perfect condition, instrument ready to play with light address (use)."

If any of you have heard of this maker or have any ideas about how I can find out more, please go into this forum and reply. GREATLY APPRECIATED. Deb