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Re: Rudolph Sofron posted by Ribbons & Strings Ensembles on December 31, 2015 @ 2:26 pm
by Vojtech Havlicek  

Hi all,

I got my 1921 Prague Sofrons a few years ago. I bought these from Vavra in Prague, who repaired the violin. He told me he believes that there wasn't any R. Sofron per se and that he thinks the label with his name is attached to make the violin fancier. He also told me that for casual playing, he would be personally super happy with this violin and gave me really good price for them.

How correct he was - it was an amazing deal . The violin sounds amazing, much better than similarly priced instrument I had a chance to play before. I started playing very often since then.

I've read somewhere else as well that R. Sofron actually was and built these violins as his hobby, while working in mines or something like that - so I would really like to hear more from Martin, if he still follows this forum