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Did anyone know this cuban song? on July 2, 2021 @ 12:42 am
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I'm a videographer making a short video-portrait of a salsa dancer. Looking for salsa music to use in my video I found this tune which is claimed to be copyright free:

The song is called 'La Timba' and the mentioned Band 'Kolektivo', but to me this didn't sound like the real name of to tune or the band. Also I have my doubts that it is really free of rights, because to my ears it sounds really professionaly recorded and performed.

But searching on the internet I didn't found anything else than various other uploads of this tune on Youtube, or soundcloud. Also a search on shazam didn't give me any match.

So I'm looking for people who might know the song and maybe know the composer, or band of this tune.

Thanks in advantage