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Re: Becoming a music teacher on November 1, 2014 @ 1:35 am
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Reacting to your comments about curiosity on the music teachers, i'd like to give you a few tips: first of all, one has to have finish a certificate or degree in music education ( in a music college), with a major instrument such as piano or voice and having the talent for an instrument or singing is also a prerequisite.
Second, teaching is a gift or an acquired skill coupled with a love for children; third, a music teacher must possess traits of patience and wit in order to last in this profession. Last but not the least, most teachers are also musicians so as to break the monotony of the profession.

I should know since i am one of them :-)


Just a few words re-music diploma's I am very experienced in drums/percussion and found when I approached a uni to study they won't accept that I wanted to use drums as my study base why??? you can't have any orchestra without drums etc so why not get a degree doing this beats me I don't play any other musical instrument, this is Australia by the way might differ elsewhere your thoughts