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Trying to find a song from the 80's on August 30, 2016 @ 8:58 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Heard a song on college radio in 1985 or so. Recorded it on a cassette and obviously the cassette is long gone and really would like to track the song down again. Searched for hours over the years and drawing a complete blank online, so found this forum and figure lets give it a shot.

Ok, the band was (if I remember) sort of a progressive rockish (think little Floyd, Marillion, touch of Yes). I could have sworn the group was called Union, but obviously would not be here if it was. The song title was long, but 90% sure it included something like "Continuous Notes something something River"

Can still remember a fair bit of the lyrics so here we go"

Pick me up fast and let me down slow

Laugh while I'm here, don't cry when I go

Give what you can and take when you need.

something something something when you dare to be free.

something like -

"and when you take that challenge, done what you knew you wanted to"

something something now you are free to something something.

Obviously much more than that, but that's what sticks in my head after 30 years.

Thanks for any that take up the challenge or just have an amazing music library.




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