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A dying genre on April 8, 2019 @ 8:16 amReport this post as inappropriate#1
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Hello everyone,

Rock music to me is the foundation of life. It's music at it's finest. These last couple of years though I've felt sad here the songs I enjoy so much. When I say rock, what dose your mind think? Not new age alt rock not crazy heavy metal. Most people think The Beatles to the 80's chili peppers. Pink Floyd and molte crue. Jimi and Clapton. Rock hasn't made its come back though, fans are left in the glory days. Now a days it's difficult to see these beloved bands in concert. Most of out rock hero are no longer with us, or ticket prices are crazy high because there musics legends. What happened to artist making master pieces, bleeding what they have into there music. Almost every rock song you can feel the emotion. Just listen to wish you were here that album is something. It's touches the issues of the world to a lost friend, in a half hour. When I here have a cigar and wish you were here I can feel the emotion, you can here David Gilmore play these tones that are nothing like modern day music. We need a spark, some true rockers to light the fire.

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