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Posted: May 24, 2012 @ 1:47 pm
Updated:May 24, 2012 @ 1:47 pm
Genres:Blues, Contemporary, Jazz, R&B/Soul, Soundtrack/Film Music


More than $1,000

Time Frame

Within one year

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Posted on February 17, 2013 @ 10:49 pm
Updated on February 17, 2013 @ 11:25 pm
Location: Las Vegas, NV (US)Compensation: $1,200 #72
by Devotion Duo Devotion Duo is currently offline. Click to send a message.

The Mi Amour Duo

Hello my name is Michael Anthony Henegan and I am contacting you about my duo "Mi Amour" performing for your company/business/hotel. My wife Melissa Henegan and I are a high-tech duo with Female-lead vocals/piano and Male-lead vocals/guitar & piano with tracks. We have been performing at various hotels in Las Vegas, NV. USA and perform R&B, Top 40, Classic Rock, Country, and Jazz. We perform with and without vocals. We are very professional and would love the opportunity to perform for you. We have current passports and are willing to work whatever length of contact is necessary.

Thank you!

Michael Anthony Henegan
(702) 271-3736 USA cell

Here is the link to our promo video

Here's the link to our bio:

Here is link to our songlist:

Mi Amour Duo Affirmation

Mi Amour Duo Unforgettable

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Posted on July 19, 2012 @ 1:43 pm
Updated on October 26, 2012 @ 7:22 pm
Location: N/ACompensation: as proposed #71
by BALI UNO - BAND BALI UNO - BAND is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Dear Sir

Hope you are doing well.

my name is ICHA....

I'm a very active Bandleader/ vocalist living in

I would like to express my sincere interest in performing with your company.

I love travel, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and connecting with

people through music. I can come as a solo artist with an existing band or provide

outstanding musicians.

Our main repertoire are acid jazz, soul & funk. But if any song requests, we do play a

variety of other styles including Blues, Jazz, Latin and Reggae.

Now we’re free and apply for a job. Please refer to our profile in this "musician page"

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at this email

address or at the following number

email :

Please find my link:

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Posted on June 24, 2012 @ 11:14 amLocation: Bracigovo (BG)Compensation: $1,000 #70
by Formation Etnos Formation Etnos is currently offline. Click to send a message.

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Posted on June 9, 2012 @ 11:23 pmLocation: 0Compensation: $2,500 #69

Hi, Alex

We are interested for your posted job

We are a professional Male and Famele vocal duo....

If you searching this type of duo????

Our bag's are prepared for fly......

Calling soon.....00393924305500

Best Regard


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Posted on May 31, 2012 @ 7:41 pmLocation: San Francisco, CA (US)Compensation: $1,000 #68
by Chaz F Gunter Chaz F Gunter is currently offline. Click to send a message.


Please allow me to introduce myself. Chaz Gunter –of Chaz & Co. multi-instrumentalist/soloist & DJ. !

If you are seeking a self contained soloist for your lounge ,club, lobby, poolside or atrium, casino's, festivals 5-star hotels ect.

I would be interested in working with your Agency. Having played in school orchestras, county and state honor bands and ultimately earning a full scholarship to DeAnza College and Saratoga Music & Fine Arts Center in Northern California, I am a professional musician, a seasoned entertainer and a well-known freelance artist with worldwide experience.

As well as vocals, I play tenor saxophone, flute, guitar and keyboards with a wide range of musical styles such as classical, new age, jazz standard, smooth jazz, swing, big-band, R&B, rock, 50's, oldies, blues, country, reggae, calypso, Latin and top 40 dance. For smaller intimate settings, I can scale down to a single instrument and vocals,

And if you’re looking for a DJ, I can do that too! My state of the art equipment includes a netbook and additional iPods with thousands of songs from 1920-2012 And for those American Idol types, my system can be used as a PA. or a Karaoke sing-a-long unit.

I play, you sing It’s a blast !

I provide 2 cordless microphones. 1 wireless lapel microphone & 1 long range handheld cordless microphone and mobile. for corporate presentations.

I am very interactive with the audience and have worked numerous special events worldwide at 5-star hotels, resorts, cruise lines, casinos, corporate presentations. Lounges, clubs, winnerys's winebars and at smaller private intimate settings.

To see my latest 2012 video, please visit my website:

Please click on Audio & Video, then on (Live Band). The website also includes my biography, references, client-base and songlist.

Additional video may be viewed by clicking on the following links:

Chaz & Co-Bands-Weddings & DJ.-5-Star Hotels-Cruise Lines Festivals- Special -Events

Chaz By The Bay !

Chaz & Co. Multi-Instrumentalist & Soloist –Lounge-2012

Chaz & Co.-Studio-333-SF. Art Gallery -2012

I do have a current passport, valid until 2021, am in good health, am able to travel and am open to both long and short term contracts anywhere.

I look forward to working with such a reputable company as part of a team.

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy reviewing my website and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Chaz & Co.- Multi-Instrumentalist & Soloist
Toll Free- 800-914-9607

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Posted on May 28, 2012 @ 9:49 amLocation: 0Compensation: as proposed #67
check out one of our original albums at

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Posted on May 28, 2012 @ 6:50 amLocation: Port-louis (MU)Compensation: as proposed #66
by Steel Drum Steel Drum is currently offline. Click to send a message.
Hi there, If you require one man show > Steel drum/sequencer/saxophone Duo > Steel drum&sax /male singer or female Trio > Steel drum / male singer/trumpet Quartet > 2 steel drum&sax / bass /drum 5 piece > 2 steel drum / bass/drum/male singer. Style of music : Instrumental& vocal : we play a variety of salsa, samba, jazz, reggae, pop, rock, funk, blues, disco and soul music from current chart hits. We are adaptable to any venue and crowd, we have a massive repertoire covering 60 years and can turn our hand to any style. Video you-tube ( one man show ) : Many thanks Regards, Hensley +230 7792545 + 230 212 9100

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Posted on May 27, 2012 @ 6:00 pmLocation: Sofia (BG)Compensation: as proposed #65
by GMTTones GMTTones is currently offline. Click to send a message.


we are trio with jazz standards, bossa, evergreens:keyboard player, saxophonist/trompeter and female singer

and we looking for job

We are from Bulgaria

This is our video

or duo saxophonist and female singer

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Posted on May 26, 2012 @ 2:47 am
Updated on May 9, 2013 @ 1:44 pm
Location: Kazan (RU)Compensation: as proposed #64
by sequenced duo Music Avenue sequenced  duo Music Avenue is currently offline. Click to send a message.
Dear Employer
we were pleased to notice your advertisment for a sequenced band The Mirror (keyboard,guitar,female-vocal, male-vocal.)We can play as Duo (keaboard+ female vocal),
Trio (keaboard+ female vocal+ guitar) and Quartet.
We're professional musicians from Russia.(Kazan).Over the 10 years we've been played in 5* Hotels in a Holiday resorts of Turkey .We're playing music in different styles & genres,singing in English, Russian,Italian,Spanish,Turkish a little French,German.Our repertoire
contain over 1000 songs from oldies to contemporary tunes.We speak English
fluetly, don't use alcohol.We are communicative, tolerant ,jolly persons, but very reliable and hardworking in our profession.SWe available to start in the beginnihg of 2013
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards "The Mirror"
video link:

Promo material attached

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Posted on May 25, 2012 @ 11:19 pmLocation: CA (US)Compensation: $3,500 #63
by Jazzy Lady-T Jazzy Lady-T is currently offline. Click to send a message.

My name is Toni aka Lady-T,

Attached you will find my press kit. Mr Chaz Gunter and I work together as a male female duo, and Ms. Taylor Hyll and I work together as a female duo. We recentlyshoot a new video that will available next week. I can forward it asap next week. It contains a variety of music 11 different songs and genres" id="yui_3_2_0_4_1337983795181454" style="text-decoration: underline; color: blue; outline-width: 0px; outline-style: initial; outline-color: initial; cursor: text; ">" id="yui_3_2_0_23_1337982719341388" style="color: rgb(35, 71, 134); text-decoration: underline; cursor: text !important; outline-width: 0px; outline-style: initial; outline-color: initial; ">

Net $3200.00 - $3500.00

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Posted on May 25, 2012 @ 6:30 amLocation: Moscow (RU)Compensation: as proposed #62
by D&A D&A is currently offline. Click to send a message.
>Dear Alex ,
>We would like to present you our music Duo. We are looking for engagement in Europe, Asia or the USA, Chine is also possible.
>We have a 12 Years Experience on Cruise Ships, 5 Star Hotels and Casinos !

>We are looking forward to hear from you soon.
>Any your answer will be appreciated.
>Best withes
>Duo D&A
>My e

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Posted on May 25, 2012 @ 4:56 amLocation: (RU)Compensation: as proposed #61
by Anatoliy Kochetkov Anatoliy Kochetkov is currently offline. Click to send a message.

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Posted on May 24, 2012 @ 8:43 pmLocation: Lviv (UA)Compensation: as proposed #60
by Sounds Duo Sounds Duo is currently offline. Click to send a message.
Good evening! We are instrumental duo. We are playing soundtrackfilm music and some instrumental jazz. We are available anytime.

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Posted on May 24, 2012 @ 8:12 pmLocation: Sofia (BG)Compensation: as proposed #59
by Lilyan Lilyan is currently offline. Click to send a message.
Hi. This is Spotlight duo. You can see our profile here at musicians page as well. Hope wi will get in touch!


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