Autralian or New Zealand Party Band
Status: OPEN
Posted: Apr 23, 2010 @ 10:03 pm
Updated:Apr 24, 2010 @ 12:39 am
Genres:Contemporary, Country, Dance, R&B/Soul, Rock
Skills:Drums Player, Guitar Player, Keyboard Player, Piano Player
Band/Ensemble:mixed band


More than $1,000

Time Frame

No Time Frame

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Posted on November 19, 2013 @ 3:27 pm
Updated on November 19, 2013 @ 3:28 pm
Location: 0Compensation: as proposed #15


We're a party band from Los Mochis, Mexico. We've been working together for 5 years and we have been getting great respose from our clients and our audiences. We want to share our music and our passion with people around the world.

We hope you enjoy our demo video and we hope to hear from you guys soon

Greetings from Mexico!

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Posted on April 25, 2012 @ 10:15 am
Updated on April 1, 2013 @ 11:14 am
Location: Cairns (AU)Compensation: $1,000 #14
by 'Sweet K' 'Sweet K' is currently offline. Click to send a message.

'Sweet K' are one of the best DUO's in Far North QLD, Australia.
We perform regularly at weddings, venues and events.
With a large repertoire of music from the 50's through to current hits, 'Sweet K' appeal to a wide audience. We are extremely professional and reliable.
With Kelly Moran on Lead Vocals and Ray Goodwin playing acoustic/electric guitars and providing Backing Vocals, we are fully backed by high quality tracks providing a full band sound whilst adhering to volume regulations in any environment. We have been performing together for the past 10 years and bring experience as well as a great love for music and entertaining. 'Sweet K' spent 8 weeks as Guest Entertainers onboard the P&O cruiseship, 'Pacific Dawn' from November 2008 till January 2009. We were honoured with the coveted New Years Eve spot performing on the pool deck, and we received much positive feedback from guests and crew, as well as a handwritten letter of commendation from the ship's captain, Lorenzo Paoletti.
Please visit my website: for more information.
Thank you and I look forward to your reply should you be interested in working with 'Sweet K'
in the future.

Kind regards,
Kelly Moran

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Posted on October 4, 2011 @ 11:54 amLocation: Worcester (UK)Compensation: as proposed #13
by Smax Smax is currently offline. Click to send a message.
Dear Patrice,

I am Kevin Davis, band leader of "The Secret" 5 or 6 professional band based in the UK. Looking for long Hotel or Cruise contracts worldwide.

We are a NEW, fresh to the market 5 or 6 piece professional band. Although all individual members are very experienced in their own field
We are specifically looking for long term Hotel Residencies, Cruises.

Please find below and click on our u tube demo showcase, (Photos attached) Our demo was Recorded absolutely LIVE during rehearsals. No overdubs, no gimmicks, no studio enhancement. ( Pops, Please Click Link ) ( Jazz Standard, Please Click Link) If needed.

We are all easy going and pleasant people. Average age of the band is 20's-30's.
If you like the sound and look of us, please get in touch.
We are available as of 1st October.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards
Kevin Davis
Band leader

te: (+44) 1299 829950
tel... (+44) 7939 006217

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Posted on February 22, 2011 @ 12:04 pm
Updated on February 22, 2011 @ 12:16 pm
Location: 0Compensation: as proposed #12

Hello, we are a professional band of Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, Mx.
We have several years of experience working for international tourists of different ages (retired persons 70 years of age to teenagers on spring break), playing the main rhythm of music from 50's to the most current in different styles (reggae, rock and roll, classic rock, blues, funk, disco, country, pop, Latin rock and more)
The band consists of 4 basic strategies musicians Bass, guitar, drums and vocals, and the full band are 1 male vocalists, a female vocalist, keyboard, saxophone and percussion in addition to the baseband. We can send recorded live videos of the band playing in some of the clubs, bars and restaurants where we currently play.

Best regards
Jorge Prado Laursen.

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Posted on October 13, 2010 @ 9:02 pmLocation: Blagoevgrad (BG)Compensation: as proposed #11
by duoBravoBand duoBravoBand is currently offline. Click to send a message.
HI!!! Look for duo Bravo Band

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Posted on August 17, 2010 @ 12:12 amLocation: 0Compensation: as proposed #10
We can be a BAND as well (Quartet)

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Posted on July 22, 2010 @ 11:08 amLocation: 0Compensation: as proposed #9

To whom it may concern,

I came across your advertizement for musicians and groups on the musicians page. I am contacting you becasuse I believe the organization I work for could be very useful to you and you to us and believe from what I see in your page that we could work well together.

I have enclosed a sample of some of the groups that we can organize and there varying size for your approval.

Small groups 2 - 5 players.

Clarinet Duos to Quartets
Saxophone Duo to Sextet (6 players)
Brass Duo to Quintet (more can be arranged on demand)
Dixie Band or small Jazz Band
Oompha Band - mainly used for Bavarien Themed Events, Beer Festivals
Ronak Mela Baja

Fanfare Team

Medium sized groups 5 to 10 players

High Society Orchestra jazz and Swing band

Large 7 - 25

The Band of the 24th Invicta Rifles -

Consisting of ex-regular (and current serving musicians from the military) the band travels throughout the United Kingdom (and are also able to travel abroad) performing for a variety of events from County Shows, Arena Events, Promotional Events, Street Parades, Special Events (days such as St. Georges Day) Pass Out Parades, Town Parades to the traditional Cabaret Marching Display (after dinner marching display indoors or out).
As traditional Military Band the band can perform on a small dance floor wowing your clients / guests with a traditional marching band display. Along with the traditional display the band forms up for a finale that includes soloists, static music performances and can also provide “sing-a-longs” for special events / days. The display then culminates with the traditional asking permission to march off (if applicable) then the march off.
With all of our music we can perform to the highest standards and have full costumes for all events. We can cater for almost any event given notice with a massive libarary of music at our disposal we can proudly boast that there hasn't been an event that we have had to refuse.

I would urge you to look at our website for video demos, photos etc.

If you are interested in any of the groups that we have to offer please do contact me.
Thank you for your time and I hope to be working with you in the near future.
Craig Parrott

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Posted on May 23, 2010 @ 12:37 pmLocation: Stip (MK)Compensation: as proposed #8
by Dane Danev Dane Danev is currently offline. Click to send a message.


We are ready for this job, so please let us respond.
We are an international male duo.
ALABORTS from Macedonia
From the musical instruments played: Dane Danev guitar and vocals, Zoran Bozinov, keyboards, accordion and sings backing vocals.
We work for years on tourist ships and hotels as a duo band, at the same time we have gained much experience and speak English language course first, then German, Italian ...
Our repertoire is diverse:
the Classic hits from 50 to now, Pop, Latin, R&R,Greec and many more .... E.Prestley, J.Iglisias, T.Jones, Beatles, E.Humperdinck, F.Sinatra, Zorbas, R.Martin ,D.Martin ,B.Dylan, J.Dassin and more…
We work on all continents in how we are engaged.
You can contact us at any time.
Responsible for this duo
Mr.Dane Danev
mobile. +38976426035

See part of our program




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Posted on May 12, 2010 @ 2:14 pmLocation: 0Compensation: as proposed #7

Hi my name is Charlotte James and I am a female vocalsit in a 6 piece party covers band alled The Phat Cats...

I was just wondering if this position was still available and if so would our band be the sort of thing that would be suitable for your company and what you are looking for.

We have video's, picture's and audio on this web-site, or you can go to our web-site called

If you could get back to me either replying to this address or my personal e-mail which is I would really apprciate it.

Thank you so much for your time,

Charlotte James (The Phat Cats)

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Posted on May 12, 2010 @ 12:21 pmLocation: San Pedro De Alcantara (ES)Compensation: as proposed #6
by Los Romanticos Paraguayos Los Romanticos Paraguayos is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Pls write to and I will send updated information.

Kind regards,

Carlos González

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Posted on May 5, 2010 @ 7:56 amLocation: Ampang (MY)Compensation: $1,000 #5
by Donne Ray Radford Donne Ray Radford is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Dear Patrice Duchemin

The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself. We have previously performed in venues around the world with "The Sound of The Platters". At that time I resided in Las Vegas, Nv. and have since relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have put in place a company, PlayPal International Productions S/B to handle our affairs in and around Asia. If I may, I'd like to take a small portion of your time to let you know what's being offered.

Buck Ram (November 21, 1907 Chicago, Illinois - January 1, 1991 Las Vegas, Nevada) was an American songwriter, and popular music producer and arranger.
In 1986, I was hired by Buck Ram to join his organization to sing lead vocals and understudy for third generation vocalist, Mr. Monroe Powell. I continued to perform and work on new title releases from and for, "Antler Records', also belonging to Mr. Ram. After his death, I left the organization and continued on with, "The Sound of The Platters", as the organization's direction had changed. With success, I was able to continue with the tradition and standards Mr. Ram envisioned.
At this time I would like to present to you : PlayPal International Productions SB and our offerings.

Donne Ray Radford

Lead singer of The Buck Ram Platters 1986---1992
Formed in 1954 by writer and producer Buck Ram, The Platters are renowned for their smooth silky sounds on worldwide trademark hits like Only You, The Great Pretender,

Twilight Time, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and My Prayer.

Donne Ray Radford, The Premium Black American celebrity and entertainer and producer in Malaysia, presents a wide repertoire of music. Touring for over 20 years, worldwide with some of the world's most popular entertainers from Ray Charles, The Drifters, Cornell G. Coasters, Ben E. King to B.B. King. Consider yourself entertained!

Sound of The Platters
Donne and four American black vocalist will present 90 minutes of Platter's music. Includes 16 number one golden hits.
This presentation is based on the original concept of Mr. Buck Ram's World Ambassador.

American Black Gold

Minus-1 to 18 performers

All stars series with Sounds of Motown, R&B, Funk, Blues, Contemporary Jazz made famous by world-class musicians, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Smokey, Lionel Ritchie, etc. This series can wide open using various artist from around the world or found in your own back yard. The number of performers can vary with the size of budget.

Sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire
Featuring Two or More Original Hall of Frame's inductees topping a cast direct from the U.S.A. You can't take this presentation lightly as it will feature the original musicians attached forever, named in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

"C.E.O. JAM", as annual charity event produced by Donne.

I would like to spend a portion of your time to discuss with you in more detail about our presentations. All presentations can be timed to your satisfaction, and budget. Please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address anytime or at 6017-213-3825
Thank you very much for your time

Sincerely Yours,
Donne R. Radford
Managing Director, Donne, I Holla! 1, 2 & 3.
Google Search, Donne Ray Radford; Donny Ray; Donne Radford; Donnie Ray Radford; S.P.C.A. Ampang, Malaysia.
By the way, Herb Reed now owns the name according to Jean Bennett, Personality Productions, Las Vegas, Nv.

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Posted on April 28, 2010 @ 3:12 pm
Updated on September 29, 2011 @ 5:44 pm
Location: +27 817143130 Pretoria (CN)Compensation: as proposed #4
by Okpokojobi Kelvin James (grooves Bags For Ten Fingers) Okpokojobi Kelvin James    (grooves Bags For Ten Fingers) is currently offline. Click to send a message.


City band is band from PRETORIA SOUTH AFRICA comprises of a (drummer,Godswill) Bass guitarist(kelvin) and a saxophonist(Ola Aina) sometimes we do hire a pianist to accompany us depends on the kind of performance we havin.. We have been together as friends for 5yrs doin musical work with different top artist in the country such as Selealo selota, Dr Sello Galane, Thandiswa,Rhythemic element before coming together in 2009 to form CITY BAND. Although we still session with other band nd artist to raise fund for our upcoming album otherwise we are looking forward to great 2011. WE R HAVIN A SHORT VIDEO ON MUSICIAN PAGE.COM BY OKPOKOJOBI KELVIN JAMES.
CELL no. +27 722 119 557

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Posted on April 25, 2010 @ 7:52 pmLocation: Belene (BG)Compensation: $1,200 #3
by Todor Pernikov Todor Pernikov is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Hi !
Write to You Todor Pernikov.I am lobby and cocktail bar pianist if You have something for pianists
please call me.
With regards - Todor

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