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Vocalist and/or Lyricist (Paid)
Status: CLOSED
Posted: Jan 11, 2013 @ 2:09 am
Updated:Jan 10, 2013 @ 11:34 pm
Categories:Single Musician, Performer
Skills:Lyricist, Singer, Writer


Between $100 and $500

Time Frame

Within one month

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Posted on January 11, 2013 @ 7:55 pmLocation: Plovdiv (BG)Compensation: $250 #16
by DesIvanova DesIvanova is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Hallo, I am a professional lead singer trained in both live and studio performance. I am part of the label " Respect Records". I am sending you two links:

The first one is a studio recorded version of the song written by George Gershwin.

The second one is my copyrighted song- composed, recorded, mastered and produced by " Respect Records". The lyrics from the song and the vocal melody line is my own work.

It won't be a problem for me to create and record the lyrics for your song in English. I will do this job for 250 $.
If you decide to work with me you will have to send 30$ advance for security reasons.
On this PayPal account is
Best Regards!

My personal email address is:

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Posted on January 11, 2013 @ 8:24 amLocation: Moscow (RU)Compensation: $2,000 #15
by Pavel Pogorelsky Pavel Pogorelsky is currently offline. Click to send a message.
Pavel B. Pogorelskiy
Professional musician, performer, composer and arranger
Phone: +7-967-238-7974 E-mail:
Instruments mastered: Piano (major), Organ (minor). Additional training in Conducting and Opera Singing (voice: bass)
Diploma in Music and Composition, Qualification: concert performer in Piano,
P. I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Moscow, Russia
Diploma in Piano (with honors), Musical school no. 9, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Concert performer on international ferries in Scandinavia tours, St Peter Line
Performer and singer in Jerusalem choir, Musica Eterna Jerusalem, Israel
Summer 2008-2011
Concert performer on river cruise ships, Mos Tur Flot, Vodohod, Info Flot, and Rech Tur Flot
Teacher of Music, M.Tariverdiev Musical school no.37, Moscow, Russia
Accompanist at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Khimki, Russia
Prizes and Awards
Prize winner of several international piano competitions (“F.Chopin” 1998, Szafarnia, Poland; “Brother & sister” 1996, Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
1996-2000 “New Names” Scholarship
Additional professional development
1996- Young Russian Composers Union, member
2009– Russian Grand piano Masters Association, member
2009– Certified tuner and restorer of pianos and grand pianos
Sample performances
Date of Birth: 23.06.1986 Citizenship: Russian Federation

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Posted on January 11, 2013 @ 3:33 amLocation: Phoenix, AZ (US)Compensation: $500 #14
by Crag Jensen Crag Jensen is currently offline. Click to send a message.

Hi Biju,

I would be very interested in writing English lyrics to and singing your beautiful love song.

Here are a few samples of my work. (I also have attached one of the songs in MP3 format.)

Mull of Kintyre

Music Video of me singing and playing Paul McCartney's "Mull of Kintyre."

Alien Grey (The Annunaki Bop) (original)

You & I (original)

Another Addams Family Day (original)

The Google Song (original)

Dear Brooklyn (original)

Quando, Quando, Quando (non-original) (In Italian)

Many thanks,


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