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Posted: Oct 7, 2011 @ 7:18 am
Updated:Oct 7, 2011 @ 7:18 am
Categories:Single Musician, Teacher
Teaching Fields:Harmonica, Chamber Music, Computer Music, Conducting, Harmony, History of Music
Genres:Classical, Classical/Contemporary, Folk, Traditional, Vocal
Skills:Arranger, Composer, Computer Music Composer, Singer, Teacher, Harmonica Player
Band/Ensemble:vocal Rabindra Sangeet, Bhajan, Thumri, semi classical
Location:Houston/, (US)
Other Arup Roy


Between $500 and $1,000

Time Frame

No Time Frame

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Posted on March 10, 2013 @ 11:33 amLocation: Mumbai (IN)Compensation: $1,500 #5
by pianist pianist is currently offline. Click to send a message.


(Music Teacher/Composer/ Performer)

Feel the magic……

Experience the joy of listening to soulfully music with a difference.

Discover the brilliance of a Music composition who revels in touching your deepest emotions.

Discover how every note can tug at the heart. How every stroke of my music can be like thrive of a brush on a melodious canvas of musical images.

Discover SD (Music Teacher , Composer & Pianist)

Work Experience:

Currently Working As Piano Teacher in India 7th rated School Assam Valley International School. ASSAM

Experience of teaching Grand Piano, Keyboard & Guitar in Star musicals Institute for music,Art and Dance In DOHA (Qatar).

Experience of teaching Grand Piano & Guitar in St. Mary’s Convent School. (Mumbai)

Having Experience of taking Personal Music tuitions for Guitar, Grand Piano and Keyboard & Flute.

Employed by Genesis Redefining Music & Entertainment Ltd, Kingdom Of Bahrain. As Music Composer & Recordist. (2008 – 2009).

Experience of working with Tanvi Art’s Production as Music Director. (MUMBAI).

Experience of working as Music Arranger & Composer on very famous Musical Drama “ Adhuri Ek Kahani ” Tanvi Art’s Production.

Experience of working as Music Director with N+One Media Production house for Documentary Film.

Excellent Knowledge of Mixing Music, Dubbing, Music Composing & Recording.

Having Experience of working on all kind of Mixer, Software & Musical Studio Equipment.

Good Knowledge of Music Software such as FL Studio, Cubase, ProTools etc.

Good Knowledge of Musical Instrument like Grand Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Flute, Drums etc.

I have learned Indian classical Violin & Flute (Mumbai).

Having Excellent Music sense for making JINGELS for Commercial Adv & Corporate Film.

Educational Qualifications:

· Diploma in music “A” grade 2007-2008 Y.M.C.A MUMBAI

Personal Information:

Name: Sandesh P

Date of birth: May 28, 1985

Gender: Male

Languages known: English, Hindi

Contact No: +91- 8551821822

E – Mail Id:

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Posted on October 15, 2011 @ 1:51 pmLocation: N/ACompensation: as proposed #4
by Kiryl Vladimirovich Herold Kiryl Vladimirovich Herold is currently offline. Click to send a message.


Last name HEROLD



Date of birth 16/08/1979

Present address 220066, Krasnoslobodskaya str. 19-15



Mobile +375291835967, +375297548416

Home +375173414935

Skype kirylherold



1994-1998 – Novopolotsk Music College, piano department

1998 - 2003 – Belarusian State Academy of Music, speciality piano.
2003 - 2004 – Magistracy of Belarusian Academy of Music, speciality piano solo: Masters degree in concert piano performing.
2004 - 2007 – postgraduate study in Belarusian State Academy of Music.

I took part in the following competitions and masterclasses:

1995 – Region Piano Competition in Newpolotsk (Belarus) – Third prize
1996 – Region Piano Competition in Vitebsk (Belarus) – Second prize
1996 – International Piano Competition in Minsk (Belarus) “Piano – Minsk-96”
1997 – The 5-th International High School Music and Fine Art Competition in Crakow (Poland)
2002 – Masterclass by pr. Rudolf Buchbinder in Zurich (Switzerland)

2005 - Summer piano Academy in Goteborg (Sweden).

About my dissertation.

The topic of my exploratory work is «Belarusian Piano Concert after 1970». Why has this problem drawn my attention? Being a pianist I'm very interested in piano music of our Motherland. However, when I started studying this problem area I got very surprised when I discovered that this music was neither widely- spend nor well-known in our country! So, I got deeply interested. Belarusian Piano concerts entirely captured my attention. I've already had some exploratory experience on this topic: it's been the theme of my diploma work and Master-Of-Arts Degree final report. I have to deal with manuscripts, as most of piano concerts have never been published. And it is a real pleasure to communicate with living classics of Belarusian Music as well as with young talented composers.
I took part in international conferences in Belarus (Minsk, Grodno), Russia (Tambov), Ukrain (Dnepropetrovsk), Zurich (Switzerland)

I have more than 14 published articles in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland.

I am the author of «SELF-INSTRUCTION OF THE PIANO PLAYING» (156 pages and DVD with my comments in Russian). Edition PITER ( in October 2011

Employment, experience:
2002 - 2011 – a teacher and concertmaster in Minsk State College Of Arts, from 2008 – chief of piano department. (
2011 – piano teacher in Belorussin State University M. Tanka named. (
Since 2007 – have “The history of piano art” course in Belorussian State Academy of Music.

More than 11 years teach piano. Have more than 50 students. Some of them have prizes in different competitions.

Chief of regional piano competitions in Minsk region (Minsk, Maryina Gorka, Borisov, Soligorsk).

Chief of international piano competition in Kletsk for 3 years every april (“Yang stars of piano”)

Since 2006 worked in different restaurants and bars in Minsk how cocktail-pianist, in jazz trio, also with singer.

Since 2007 – lobby bar cocktail-pianist in 5stars hotel “Europe” in Minsk ( As a soloist and with singer. Play classic music, jazz, improvisation. Play conserts of classic music in State Philarmory in Minsk and other consert holls

Have a experience of playing in President Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus.

Play list.
Classical music.
More than 50 famous pieses by
Buch, Mozart, Hyndn, Bethoven, Chaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Shopin, Shubert.
Jazz music – standarts, world hits, improvizations.

Full duration – more than 11 hours.

Demo from youtube:


«Sway» with Marina Fillipova, hotel EUROPE, evening performance

«You are so beautiful» - with Marina Fillipova, hotel EUROPE, concert

«Mashkinata» - Marina Fillipova, hotel EUROPE, concert

«Love me tender», Marina Fillipova, hotel EUROPE, concert

«Aqua De Beber», Marina Fillipova, hotel EUROPE, concert

Rihanna «Russian roulette», Marina Fillipova, hotel EUROPE, concert


solo from Europe hotel, free improvisation, different themes.

My own composition DREAMS

Don’t get around anymore

Sting Fields of gold, cover piano-version

How insensitive – my piano version

Autumn Leaves - improvisation

You in my September Igor Krytoy

Lady GaGa Paparazzi Cover piano-version


Shopen Valse №7 cis-moll

Shubert Exprompt Ges-dur

Dalyan, CHINA, fragments from concert

Klod Debyssy Island of Joy

S. Frank Preludie Horal Fugue

I S Bach Chromatic preludie and fugue

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Posted on October 9, 2011 @ 7:56 pmLocation: (US)Compensation: as proposed #3
by Gregory Ayriyan Gregory Ayriyan is currently offline. Click to send a message.
Hi see my site can teach piano,violin ,ensembles and composition awards winner

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Posted on October 7, 2011 @ 5:38 pmLocation: Gadsden, AL (US)Compensation: as proposed #2
by William T. Mann William T. Mann is currently offline. Click to send a message.


Check out my profile at these web sites.">">

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Posted on October 7, 2011 @ 3:28 pmLocation: N/ACompensation: $9,050 #1
by Rakesh Kumar Rakesh Kumar is currently offline. Click to send a message.

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