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      Casper Abraham
No.125 Jalvayu Towers, NGEF Colony, Indiranagar Post, Bangalore 560 038. INDIA
Cellphone : 98450-61870 : eMail -

q Date of Birth : June 18th, 1957
q Start : Late starter despite enormous opportunities in School and later; started learning anything at all only at the age of 20.
q Experience : Over 30+ years of Playing; Teaching; Performing; Organising; Transcription; Creation; Composition etc.
q Qualifications : Grades V to VIII in Theory and Practical from the Royal Schools of Music, London.
q Instruments : First : Classical Guitar / Acoustic Guitar
Second : String Bass, Concert Flute, Recorder SAT & B
Tertiary : Viola, Baritone Voice.
q Strengths : As comfortable Sight Reading as with By-ear playing. Cross-genre; western classical; jazz; folk; popular. Create. Innovate. Transcribe. Production. Organisation. Event Management. Talent Management. Marketing. Sales.

1977-82 : Taught at Hebron School Ooty. Developed the Lutheran Church Choir. Part of St. Stephen’s Church Choir. Hebron School Musicals. Niligiri Choral Society. Created, organized and conducted Programmes for all including Emerald Hieghts Choir. Several Classical Guitar Performances.

1982-90 : Part of the Gospel Train (Male Voice Quartets), St. Marks Church, Bangalore. BACH (Bangalore Academy Chorale); Symphonia. Solo Classical Guitar Performances.

1990-91 : Launched Music International with a monthly subscribed for Music Magazine. Had to shut down due to lack of funds. Subscription and controlled sponsorship was however HUGE and forthcoming at that time. (Not acceptable to the creative and western classical musical ONLY direction of mine at that time).

1990-2000 : While running my own Multimedia Company had Keyboard & audio specialists creating Digital tracks for Multimedia CD-ROM’s (all original and copyright). Customers included ITC; Action Aid; Wipro GE; Microland; AWAKE; Kalayaan Hindi Theatre to name a few. Encouraged development and part of the Koramangala Methodist Church Music Programmes.

2000-2007 : Kept playing. Learning. Amateur performances.

2007-2010 : More actively involved in the administration and development of western classical music in Bangalore. With the St. Marks Music Academy – especially on Sundays - as a base point.

2010 : Re-launch of Music International with wider more inclusive goals.

Music International
62-B Modi Residency, Milers Road, Benson Town,
Bangalore 560 046 INDIA email :

Why do I try to perform & play so many instruments?

Classical Guitar : Is an ultimate solo instrument. With the potential of 4 and more notes; bass; top-line and arpeggios or chords; it’s a viable alternative to the ubiquitous piano. Unfortunately the volume from one instrument is a major drawback. Level : Advanced

Recorder : It’s nice to be able to pick a tune. Play by ear or read music. The soprano Recorder does that. However with a limit of 2 octaves; it became necessary to play the treble Recorder as well. You could play more songs. Extending this to the Tenor and Bass Recorders and forming SATB is the closest you can get to a human voice SATB. You can actually play hymns directly with a reasonable SATB Recorder Quartet. Level : Intermediate

Concert Flute : To play any top-line or tune with its range of 3 octaves plus the concert flute has a place of its in own anywhere in the world with any genre of music. Forming and being a part of a woodwinds quartet is a dream that can become a reality. Level : Intermediate

String Bass : The symphony orchestra cannot do without a double bass. Already able to play the bass clef on a regular electric bass for years; it took a short time to be able to handle many orchestral accompaniments once you I got the french-style bowing going. It’s an easy and quick step to pizzicato; plucking and testing the opportunities from country music playing and jazz bass. Level : Advanced

Viola : Unfortunately I was missing out on all the great music with strings. The violin is too tough and requires dedication. So does the cello; and anyway I read the bass clef and play the double-bass. Learning the alto clef and being the chord (it’s the viola that determines whether it’s a major or a minor chord ..8-); it’s the base of providing the syncopation and rhythm for most creative possibilities. Less competition and ability to really contribute to a smaller orchestra; pieces where there is no double bass part; part of a string quartet; chamber music and related opportunities to play with others. Had one time played the violin. Church hymns, country fiddle in a band etc. Level : Basic

Acoustic Guitar : Where would be world be without the acoustic guitar. Anything fingerstyle can do can be done in the classical style but not the plectrum and riffs and strumming – not to mention much louder and you can think electric - especially as accompaniment for group and fun singing. Level : Advanced

Updated:  August 23, 2011

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