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The duos major strengths is to adapt to the atmosphere and stay as a background if people are for example eating dinner and engaging in conversation or step things up a notch towards the end and it has happened more than once that people actually been dancing to us...:-)))
Also sometimes the duo can do more interactive things like a live musical quiz if a client wish for it.
The repertoire is wide and ranges from old school soul like:
What's going on
Sitting on the dock of the bay
Signed Sealed Delivered
to more modern covers like:
Corinne Ray "put your records on"
Amy Whinehouse "tears dry on their own" and "rehab",
Other songs you find on the repertoir are
"so sick of love songs and "all along the watchtower, Alicia Keys "if I ain't got you" Bob Dylan "To make you feel my love"
all this and lots of more in our unique sound.

Göran on the guitar use a loop pedal and other effects which makes our sound fresh and unheard. He creates a sound and atmosphere loop and can play solos. Karin also play the guitar so sometimes they ad on my guitar as well to get a variation.
The duo updates their repertoire all the time


About Göran Eriksson
Guitarist, Singer and Producer

Right now: Band Leader for Swedens most established Country/pop singer Jill johnsson
Touring the concert halls in Sweden. Just got back from a country music festival in Norway where he played for 30 000 people.

Born 1973 raised in a family where his dad was a touring musician.
Started to play guitar at the age of 3 (!)
Music has been a part of his live and growing up he played in various rock bands.
After school he applied to Rock Music School and finished in 1994. Since then he has worked as a frelance musician
and worked with both Swedish and international artists.
The band leader of Jill johnson band since 2006 and often hired to put together a band for christmas productions and tours nation wide.
He also runs a studio where he works as a producer, builds guitars and custom pedals. More at

Some of the artist he's played with are:
Sarah Dawn Finer
Anders Glenmark
Jill Johnson
Charlotte Perelli
Michael Ruff
Ronan Keiting
Amanda Jensen
Shirley Clamp
Stefan Gunnarsson
Måns Zelmerlöf
Sanna Nilsen
Sonja Alden
Lena Philipsson
De Leva
Tina Stenberg
Patrik Isaksson
Uno Sveningsson
Martin Stenmark
Magnus Carlsson
La Gaylia Fraizer
Björn Skifs mf.l

About: Karin Thyr Eriksson
Backup singer, Songwriter, Artist, Voice Coach

Right now:
Working on an album in the studio.
Is on the record Acoustica that is released in the USA in August

Karin Maria Katarina Thyr, Born 1973 and raised on the countryside outside the town of Örebro
Started her musical carrier at the age of two when in Paris she steeped on to a box of fruit at the square and sang for all she could and demanded to get payed with candy:-)

Since then she's been singing in various constellations. Her musical roots are in Gospel music and she toured with a Swedish gospel choir in both Europe and the USA.
Together with a selection of members from the choir she did backup for Celine Dion and Michale Bolton on their visit in sweden and worked with Benny Andersson (ABBA)

1994 she moved to Stockholm and studied music for a few years
Now she's living with her husband Göran Eriksson and their two children on Ekerö outside of Stockholm where they have built a studio and are working with different projects.

Over the years she as among others worked with:

Jill johnson
Marie Bergman
Tina Stenberg
Sten Nilsson
Christer Sjögren
Gladys del Pilar
Pernilla Wahlgren
Charlotte Perelli
Tomas Ledin
Jerry Williams
Amanda Jensen
Måns Zelmerlöf
Sanna Nilsen
Jan Johansen
Michael Ruff
Martin Stenmark
Magnus Carlsson
Björn Skifs
La Gayla Fraizer

Updated:  August 9, 2010

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