Linda Herman Resume

      You have reached live music by Linda Herman. I live in the Los Angeles area and having been playing ballroom dance music here since 1984. I play a Roland FR7X Accordion midi to a Roland BK7M module and sometimes the Ketron SD3. The 7X isn't your grandpa's accordion. It is an awesome instrument. Very techy as they say.
I've been playing professionally since 1968. Dance music has been my niche in life. I also sing and write original songs as well as do cover songs. My repetoire consists of the "oldies", 1930 to present day. Anything danceable and with melody as I say. I used to be part of a duo, a drummer and myself, however after he passed away I found I could be a one lady band and be succesful.
I am fully self contained. Excellent sound equipment.

I am formerly from Iowa, Solon,near Iowa City. I have a special passion for an old 100 year old bridge in Iowa - Sutliff Bridge. In 2008 it partially collapsed due to flood waters. I wrote a song about the Bridge. It took me back to my roots. The Bridge is to be saved. I hope I had a part in that.
Thank-you for stopping by.

Updated:  July 20, 2011

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