Richard Cooper Resume

1971: Born London UK. Grew up listening to a lot of classical music (Beethoven, Chopin), French singers such as Edith Piaf and The Beatles.

1981: Took basic lessons in guitar & music theory.

1984: Started listening to Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour and Peter Green, who remain my biggest influences.

1985: Owned first electric guitar, a Marlin Sidewinder strat copy.

1991: First proper electric guitar, a Fender Strat bought from Chandlers in Kew, Surrey, modified with DiMarzio bridge pickup and Floyd Rose tremelo (actually rarely used the latter as I do a lot of string bending and the Floyd Rose was so sensitive it put the guitar out of tune, so I blocked it). Still own the guitar today.

1993-95: Played in a range of local blues/rock bands, including Less Is More and Hot Jelly Roll, gigging around London and Surrey. Playing Fender Strat through MusicMan 75w amp (now sadly sold). Sets consisted mostly of Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Ry Cooder and early Fleetwood Mac covers.

1994 - summer: Busking in Paris, France (mostly Leonard Cohen, Clapton & Dylan songs) on acoustic steel-string.

1994 - winter/1995: Wrote some "singer-songwriter"-type songs. Arranged these and recorded a demo tape, performing all the guitar parts (steel-string, nylon & electric) and singing. A few small solo gigs including supporting Getz Loose at The Kings Head in Fulham.

1995-present: Played guitars and ukulele along to records in bedroom and kitchen, recording some on YouTube. Now Midlands based, considering getting back into a band for regular paid gigs.

Updated:  August 16, 2010

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