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      Exotic, tropical, charismatic, classy and head-strong are just a few words that can be used to describe upcoming Neo-soul sensation Leilani Soul. Born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands as Monique Leilani Burke, Leilani Soul brings an American energy finessed with a tropical and exotic vibe of the Caribbean. A vocalist, songwriter, poet, and performer, this fresh new artist is determined to make a big contribution to the movement that plans on recreating the "good old days" for true music lovers around the world.

Soul's E.P. debut album, "Leilani…It's Only The Beginning", scheduled for a September/October release, is promised to be a proper introduction into who Soul is as an artist and a woman. Filled with lots of melodic and chromatic harmonies, movement and energy this album has become a major project in Soul's musical career. From the ups and downs of life and the hope that can still be found, Soul tells a story of a brighter in her song entitled "Loving Life". Leilani Soul, aims to send the message " If you put your mind to something then that's exactly what you do…". "This project has truly become like a child to me, my baby. I am anxious to see what it will grow to be. I want it to be as perfect, flawless, and over all just a true representation of who I am. I've truly emptied my heart into this project and it is blossoming into a product that I am proud of." says Soul.

Leilani Soul's partial album is truly just the beginning of what she has in store. Along with the release of her E.P., Soul will also be launching a multifunctional independent label A.S.E.N.T Records (Asymmetric Entertainment & Records). The business model is designed to work with the independent and upcoming artist in helping them to grow and develop as business minded individuals. "I am really anxious for my career to take off. Not because I want to be rich and famous but because I want to be placed in a position and given the influence in life where I can help others who may be in less than favorable positions. Anything else after that are simply blessings to be thankful for" says Leilani Soul.

With several other business ventures and projects on the burners, Leilani Soul is truly an ambitious and determined young lady with a strong head on her shoulders. "This journey has not been easy and I know it won't get easier any time soon. But I'm willing to face the challenges a head. I want this more than anything and always have. I could remember recording Disney songs on my tape recorder as a little girl and now I am thrilled to be working towards building a career out of something that I love dearly. This process has been filled with so many obstacles and hurdles, both personal and professional. But with every fall I am more determined to get up and keep pushing. Sharing my music with the world and using my influence to help others is a dream I was born with. I will not be satisfied, I will not be content with existence until I know that I have done all I can do to achieve my goals." ~Leilani Soul~

"…It's only the beginning…"

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Updated:  August 14, 2010

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