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      Sir is the name my family of friends gave me...Bach is the name my family gave me..About Me: I'm a Drummer.I have dedicated my career to the drumming style known as "BackBeat". BackBeat is a retro form of drumming that made it on to thousands of Hit Records and had generations going WILD. Where as so many drummers today all seem to be "Down Beat" style players,I prefer to perform in the unique BackBeat style. It's almost like a lost art form. When your drumming on the BackBeat,The music becomes weight less and the audience cant stop grooving!...Drummer Earl Plamer is the inventor of the BackBeat and without Earl, we'd never have Rock'n Roll or Soul as we know it today. Chuck Berry said it best, Just let me hear some of that Rock and Roll music, Any old way you choose it; It's got a BackBeat,you can't lose it, Any old time you use it."..In the past I've shared the stage with The Oak Ridge Boys in Valdosta Georgia in front of over 25,000 fans..Performed with The Tammy Wynette Band at the Riverside Casino in Laughlin Neveda, Performed with Daylon Wear (Johnny Cash's Son in Law) touring across America & on Cruise Liners. Allso worked with many other talented unknown up & coming musical artists who are wonderfull..Tours have taken me everywhere in the U.S.A,Canada, Mexico,Cayman Islands, and a few other fun stops. It's always alot of fun performing shows in Back Road Dive Bars & Honky Tonks.Equally as exciting are doing concerts in Casinos, Cruise Ships, Festivals & Arena Venues.Recently in spring/summer 2010, I have performed with Kent Burnside 3 times at The House of Blues in Chicago, Headlined at The Deep Blues Festival in downtown Minneapolis,Headlined at Buddy Guys Legends in Chicago,Banjo Jims in NYC and Terra Blues in NYC ..Kent is the grandson of "Blues Legend " R.L Burnside... ..I love drumming to Rockabilly,Soul, Blues,Country & Rock...But- my ultimate passion is Blues Rock..To the best of my knowledge I have drummed on over 1400 recordings to date. Those recordings where done in either home studios,low budget studios and some of the finest recording studios in California,Nashville & New York City. Hey-Once I was in a studio with Peter Tosh..He was just laying down vocal tracks..We partied together..Isnt that INSAINE!! It was his last album,he passed away 1 year later.RIP Pete..Anyway,-More then anything, I really do love the stage.Giving my audieance an exciting experiance that's fueled by pure passion of my heart brings complete purpose to my life!..It's who I am.

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Updated:  August 17, 2010

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