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Tony Copeland” a jazz guitarist born and raised in the small port town of Portsmouth, Virginia currently residing in Houston TX. He began playing music at an early age, after his parents Floyd a retired Longshoreman and Velma a retired city worker purchased two guitars, one for him and one for his older brother “Reneal”. As his father was a hard worker and a great provider, it was his mother who kept him and his seven siblings in church filled with a host of undiscovered musicians. This is where they honed their skills by watching and imitating the older guitar, bass and drum players. It is a fact that Tony did much of his early practicing, in the home closet. The story goes like this: His father belonged to the quartet “The Golden Tones” which eventually disbanded. Floyd the father brought the musical instruments (guitar, bass, amplifier and microphone) home and put them away in the home closet. They (Tony) would sneak in while his father was away and practice on these instruments in the dark. Too short to turn on the light and afraid that he would be exposed by the other siblings was the reason for this unusual practice behavior.


 Tony taught himself to play by listening to other great musicians and artist such as, Stanley Clarke, Fourplay, Johnnie “Guitar” Watson, Ron Smith formerly of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Earl Kluh etc…He composes, produces the music that he records. He is also director of Danay Music Publishing Co.


 When he plays the guitar he doesn’t use a pick, he uses his thumb due to the fact that, in his early years of practicing, he was actually too small to hold the guitar and the Fender jazz bass that his father Floyd had bought home. So he used his four fingers on his right hand, to hold the heavy instrument in place on his lap, while he played with his thumb.


His performance is a very exciting one, as he uses all of his energy to perfect his craft and entertain the audience. He has been seen actually talking to his guitar while performing as he bounces to the beat of the groove.


Even though Tony performs and understands various styles of music such as, Reggae, Funk, R&B, and Gospel, he truly loves the art of improvisation which is why he commits to the jazz audience, and is putting in the hard work required in hope creating great and inspiring music for them all.


Danay Records

PO Box 740061

Houston TX 77274

Tel: 832-396-1905



Updated:  August 26, 2010

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