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I come from a musical family. I am the youngest of five children and when I was only four years I became interested in music and dance.
My Dad was a Musician, a Music Conductor in our church and also a Dance Teacher.

From my parents I learned Ballroom dancing, Jive and Salsa. I explored this for two years then became interested in musical instruments. 

Nobody trained me to play guitar , I kept it a secret from everyone. My passion for all music is Gods gift to me and within three months of practicing on my own I could play some of classical songs and flamenco. 

I was then only six years old and when my parents discovered this they  placed me into Music School. During the next few years I also taught myself to play several other instruments as well. 
My experiences have given me a positive attitude about life, and I like to have fun and joke with people. 

Playing music, singing, dancing, painting, wood sculpturing and all kinds of art, this is my souls expression.
I love my audience very much and engage them in my performance so we all have a good time.


         Boy with guitar Animation



Life is to be lived with joy

And my work is my life 

Music is my soul

And when I see people happy and enjoying the music,

I am happy too.

Updated:  November 23, 2010

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