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Icome from a musical family.I am the youngest of five children and whenI was only four years I became interested in music and dance.
My Dad was a Musician, a Music Conductor in our church and also a Dance Teacher.

From my parentsI learned Ballroom dancing, Jive and Salsa. I explored this for two years then became interested in musical instruments.

Nobody trained me to play guitar , I kept it a secret from everyone. My passion for all music is Gods gift to me and within three months of practicing on my ownI could play some of classicalsongs and flamenco.

I was then only six years old and when my parents discovered this they placed me into Music School. During the next few years I also taught myself to play several other instruments as well.
My experiences have given me a positive attitude about life, and I like to have fun and joke with people.

Playing music, singing, dancing, painting, wood sculpturing and all kinds of art, this is my souls expression.
I love my audience very much and engage them in my performance so we all have a good time.

Boy with guitar Animation

Life is to be lived with joy

And my work is my life

Music is my soul

And whenI see people happy and enjoying the music,

I am happy too.

Updated:  November 23, 2010

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