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My name is Mimmo Iero, Italian artist.
I am a musician and singer. I am also a composer.
I can work solo, and as a duo, or trio.
I play keyboard really without using any backing tracks but only keyboard arranger and my manual dexterity.
I sing In English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Neapolitan and Italian. My repertoire is wide ranging from classical piano bar music, including evergreen national and international music, to dance music, from 60's, 70's, 80's music to smooth one, from reggae to Latin music ecc.
I improved my international repertoire by working as a duo on Costa cruise ships, and alone on Msc ship cruises.
I worked in many important Hotels and Restaurants in Italy and in Europe, as in one of the most luxury restaurant in Moscow, "Cafè Calvados”. I also performed in summer Hotels , such as “Altalia” in Brancaleone (Reggio Calabria- Italy) and in some important Hotels in Tropea (VV-Italy), a very known touristic site as well as during White Nights (Waiting Chritmas) in Reggio Calabria and Bagnara (Italy). Every Year in Summer Season, I played especially during street parties on behalf of the Provincial Administration and of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, as trio, of which I am the leader. Dance repertoire. (Dance 70/80- twist-samba-reggae-rock-funk-Latin-etc.) I worked also as a art director in some pubs, restaurants, hotels and villages.
In 2006, I performed during the Winter Olympics in Turin, in the area near Cesana Sestriere, on behalf of the municipality of Reggio Calabria-

I was born in Reggio Calabria. My passion for music dates back to my childhood. I was 16 when I became the head of my Parish choir, which was composed of 60 elements. They played with an orchestra and often performed pieces written by me. In this choir, I was a musician (I played guitar and organ), as well a manager for more than ten years.

Updated:  April 18, 2014

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