Opus 3 Resume

      Established in 2005, the Opus 3 Jazz Trio is an exciting collaboration of
three unique musicians, Seth Burkhart (drums), Jane Dean-Burkhart (piano &
keyboard), and Nelson Cruz (bass). Besides creating a distinctive and
refreshing sound, they form the perfect balance of talent and temperament.

The overall "rich" sound of the trio is complemented by breathtaking solos
from each instrument, which make their live shows a wonderful experience for
everyone from seasoned Jazz Heads to the first time listener. Opus 3 is
adept at quickly establishing a rapport with their audience and ensures that
no one goes home disappointed

The band's first CD, "Journeys" (2008), displays their arrangements of songs
ranging from Jazz and Swing standards to a striking version of the Rock
classic "Stairway to Heaven". Their new release, "This Time Around" (2009),
on O3T records consists of original compositions from each member of the
band as well as a few innovative arrangements of jazz classics. This album
ranges from straight ahead Swing, Latin, New Orleans to Funk.

Updated:  September 19, 2010

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