Shelby Lane Resume

I am a 3rd generation professional musician. My grandfather played with people like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand and on many famous radio show. He was a violist, violinist, composer and more.

My father is a guitarist, trumpeter, writer and singer. He was signed to Dunhill Records with his band, the Inrhodes in the early to mid-sixties. . He worked with groups like the New Christy Mistral's and the Byrds in addition to the Inrhodes. Also he wrote the first surf song before Dick Dale, Jan & Dean and the Beach Boys (all of which he knew).

My mom has done background vocals for various artists in the 60s for artists such as Johnny Mathis.

I grew up in a very musical household and started singing with my dad's band before I was 3 years old. I performed in many musical theater productions throughout my childhood, choir, in school band (I play flute), singing groups, studio work and cover bands. I have appeared on a local, national and international television. I have performed on Carnival Cruise fronting a band that I was a "hired gun" to front a band, I didn't meet until I was boarding the ship and I was only 18. I was performing on the strip shortly after my 18th birthday. I have developed a sound a like capacity, which brought me to the Legends theater performing as Wynonna. I can sound like many other singer and am not limited by any genre. I can speak and sing in several different languages. I have done some backing vocals for Barry Manilow, recorded entire albums for various dj's and songwriters. One of my original songs was played on KIIS FM as a finalist in an unsigned artist. I started an all female cover band 6 years ago in Los Angeles, which was quite successful, performing all over the US and performing 3 USO type military tours to Iraq, Kuwait and Kosovo.

I am sure there is plenty I missed but, it gives you a clue of my background, and it's easy to verify as you can see from the links noted.

Updated:  September 21, 2010

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