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      " Havana Sound " is a cuban quartet that performs cuban and caribbean music as cuban son, guaracha, guajira, bolero, cha cha cha, salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia…

It sounds at two formats. The acoustic one performing the traditional Cuban music, to the purest style "Buena Vista Social Club" and "La Vieja Trova Santiaguera, to entertain in restaurants, piano bar, private receptions or theatres. The electronic one performing the most contemporary music to dance, ideal for disco and latin parties.

The musical composition of the acoustic format consists of:

-Cuban tres and choirs.
-Single voice and minor percussion.
-BongĂł and choirs.
-Guitar and voice.

The musical composition of the electronic format consists of:

-Piano-keyboard, bass and voice.
-Set of percussion (congas and cuban timbal) and choirs.
-Wind instruments (saxo and trumpet).
-Cuban tres and choirs.

The career of these musicians begins after graduating in the Top Institute of Art (ISA) of Havana, Cuba. Throughout these years they have played in different and prestigious international festivals all over the world, like DĂ­as Latinos '07 (Amersfoort, Holland), PolĂ© PolĂ© '07(Ghent, Belgium), World Fair of the Tourism '08 (Paris, France), International Fair of the Peoples '07, '08, '09 (Fuengirola, Malaga), Tour Latino '09(Morocco); and they have worked for well-known hotel and resort companies like Hilton (Shangai, China, Singapore and Belgium), MeliĂĄ (Havana, Cuba and CancĂșn, Mexico) and Sheraton (Casablanca, Morocco).

In the stage stands out the high musical level of the group, their charisma impregnated with the happiness and the freshness of the caribbean people, besides the wide and varied repertoire, in which they combine different kinds and musical styles of latinoamérica and the Carib.

In agreement with the demand of the contractor, our group can diminish to three musicians, in both formats (acoustic and electronic), without the sonority and the musical level meets affected.

Updated:  September 21, 2010

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