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I am Hannah Collman, I'm 14 and I live in Berkshire, it's not great here but you know..

Anyway, I love singing and music. It's my absolute passion, writing songs is fun too! I like to be creative with my music but understanding at the same time - so people can

relate to the point I am getting across. A few of my favourite artists are: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Pixie Lott, Jason Derulo.. Blah blah blah!

There is loads more but I know anyone who is reading this isn't really intrested in a hole bunch of artist that I pump up the jam to. Any-who, I am keeping my eyes peeled and signing up to any websites I can find to get me seen and that's how I came across Musicians Page! :)

1 thing though, although my life literally revolves around music and everything I experience inspires me, I haven't actually managed to build up the courage to sing in front of anyone yet.

The reason is that I am terrified that how I hear myself is different to the ears of others, I mean you see it on Xfactor all the time (fixed or not), people thinking they are amazing and then end up making a fool outta themselves. That's what I am afraid of, I would be so lost if I found out I was tone deaf. For now singin is my wild passion!

Hmm, now the even more dodgey bit, I am slowly regaining confidence (socially) because I had depression and minor stages of anorexia and all that jazz but I don't want to go too deep into that subject so we will move Taylorswiftly on! Geddit?! ;] (If you haven't already noticed, I use explanation marks a lot!) Yeah so it's wierd because I think on stage I would just give it all I've got and have a sort of ego and recording songs too, it's just at the moment I don't want anyone to think haaa! She is a terrible singer, sh'e the defenition of tone deaf blaaaaaah.. I am so mega confused! Help me!! Hmm well if you have actually managed to stay awake through this b.o.r.i.n.g speach I would be great to here from you, If you have any advice or you just want to say hi, maybe you want to share the weather forecast?! I don't know, whatever flaots your boat! :)

Thanks for reading!

Hannah :)

P.s This creative page isn't too creative is it? xD

Updated:  September 28, 2010

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