Kate Orange Resume

      Kate Orange isthemost successful and unusual nightclubproject.
She is aDJane who plays, sings and dances during performance. She is a songwriter for her shows, and a designer of her costumes.
Major music genres include:
Electro house, club house, tech-house.
This all began when Kate started to perform in such well known Kiev's night clubs as “Patipa” and fashion club “TaTo”. Than Kate had a lot of performances in Ukraine's biggest cities, such us Nikolaev, Kiev, Kryvoi Rog, Yalta, Dnepropetrovsk, Khmelnytskyi etc. But now Katya lives in Rotterdam (NL), so we are looking some gigs for performances in Netherlands and other countries.

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Official site:

Technical raider:
2 Turntables Peoneer CDJ 1000(mk3)
MixerPeoneer DJM 400, 600, 800
Active right monitor.
MicrophoneShure sm 58 orSennheiser E-815-S.
Club rider.
The artist should be provided with a non sparkling mineral water not colder than a room temperature during the performance.
Sufficient level of security should be arranged on the stage/dj booth during the show. Guests cannot approach the artist without consent of the latter.

Updated:  December 8, 2010

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