Ruben Ramos, Pianist. Resume

      Pianist, Composer and Arranger
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, also with Italian citizenship, Ruben Ramos proved himself a musical prodigy from a very young age, teaching himself to play piano and guitar by ear. His formal training began at the Conservatory of Music de Buenos Aires, where he studied first classical guitar under Professor Patricia Sapea and later piano and harmony under piano masters Rodolfo Pellita and Carmen Etcheberry. At the Conservatory, he earned a degree in piano and a master's degree in classical harmony and music theory, and he also won a national competition named in honor of Alberto Williams, the “father of Argentine music.” Ruben continued his musical education at the Centro Cirigliano de Estudios Musicales, taking courses in pop music harmony, ear training, and jazz with jazz masters Carlos Cirigliano and Noemi Lomanto.

Since launching his professional career in 1983, Ruben has worked steadily as senior pianist at prestigious hotels and restaurants in cities around the world, including Buenos Aires; Miami, Florida; Madrid, Spain; Muscat, Oman; Larissa, Greece: French Polynesia onboard of the Paul Gauguin Cruise Ship in the position of Guest Entertainer; Manama, Bahrain at Kempinski Grand Hotel. At the same time, he has performed with jazz, rock and tango ensembles.

Ruben's love for music is reflected not only in the feeling and expression that are evident in his playing, but also for his subtle ability to analyze an audience and suit his selections to their wants and needs. With more than 400 songs on his ever-expanding playlist, he offers a wide repertoire in a variety of genres, including pop, Latin, rock, jazz, bossa nova, world music, classical, and, of course, the music of Argentina's national dance, the tango.

Updated:  August 18, 2013

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