No-name Resume

       The band was founded in 2009 as a three piece set to entertain some friends at a birthday party. The audience appreciated the raw rocksound and the happy party atmosphere.

At the first party shows the band invited the audience to help them singing the songs on the mike. That was great fun.

Three originals and a punk version of a slow 'The BossHoss' classic were already introduced to the public at the shows in Oberlangen, Solingen and Dresden.

For spring 2011 the HotDocs are going to record their debut album with their good friends 'The 2930s' in Dresden/Germany.

As long as there are no proper recordings just some live takes from the first shows and some DIY multitrack recordings are available.

Don't worry - better stuff is soon to come.

Be sure - the boys will rock your party!

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Updated:  October 23, 2010

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