Cezar Santana Resume

Cezar Santana

Raw talent and sheer determination are not the only ingredients for success.
Cezar also blends in pride and a feeling of being lucky to do what he loves
the most.

A brilliant singer, songwriter and guitarist from Rio de Janeiro, Cezar has
been performing to audiences spanning over four continents. With his
dynamic virtuosity and unique feel for his audiences, he transforms listeners
with his clever lyrics and contagious grooves.

“This daredevil singer-guitarist mixes spoken word and multimedia with
lyrics in Portuguese, English and Spanish” – New Times; “ Cezar is
really a master of the music he performs” – UM's Fred Wickstron;
“Cezar possesses a great talent as a musician with a very high concept
of self improvement” – Top Latin Producer Rodolfo Castillo - those are
just a few quotes on him…

But there is no doubt about Cezar's trademark - a unique rhythmic melting
pot that combines his own musical experience and translates it into a stunning
mix. A genuine cross-cultural concept that goes from Afro, Pop and Brazilian
roots to jazzy melodies over drum'n'bass and other wild beats.

Cezar's instrumental side gets along amazingly well with his Pop personality,
proving that he is a complete artist, able to express a whole range of feelings
in words and music.

Updated:  October 29, 2010

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