Paul Stirling Taylor Resume

      Film and Television Credits, including additional music, and soundtracks.

E! True Hollywood Story, Fox TV/ USA (ASCAP) Television and Cable
101 Juiciest Hollywood Hook Ups, USA/ Danish General Broadcasting
True Hollywood story: Simon Cowell
E! True Hollywood, Hugh Heffner: Girlfriends And Wives
American Pop Idol
So You Think You Can Dance
Transworld Sport
Ultimate Force
Ultimate Factories
Wanted Down Under
Mega Factories
Trip Of A Lifetime
America's Most Wanted
Bella Boris Og Berta, Netherland (BUMA) Films
Totally Wild, Australian (APRA Films)/ Croatian (HDS)/Norwegian (TONO)
Rent Hus li, Swedish (STIM) Films
True Hollywood Story, Chilean (SCD) Films
Love Chain, Danish (KODA) / Malaysian (MACP) Films
Faking It, Malaysian (MACP) Films/ Polish (ZAIKS)
Tonight with Trevor McDonald, ITV1
Fifth Estate, Polish (ZAIKS) Films
Detekywi, Polish (ZAIKS) Films
W-11 Wydzial Sledczy, Polish (ZAIKS)
Sport Science, Singaporean (COMPASS) Films / Spanish (SGAE)
Baby Story, USA (ASCAP) Television and Cable
Crime 360, USA (ASCAP) Television and Cable
Headline Attacks, USA (ASCAP) Television and Cable
More Headline Attacks, USA (ASCAP) Television and Cable
Sgorio, S4C
Eorpa, BBC2 Scotland Primetime
Reelheart International Film Festival Trailer 2009
Educating Jay, Emotion Films
Same Smile, Series 2 (26 eps) BBC Scotland/ Cbeebies
Same Smile, Series 1 (14 eps) BBC Scotland/ Cbeebies
Big City Park, (26 Eps) BBC Scotland/Sixteen South TV
Taggart, (Five seasons Eps 69,71-103) ITV/STV
Lions Behaving Badly, Discovery Channel
Last Of The Dragons, HIT Entertainment
Rwanda's Lost Tribe, National Geographic Gorillas: Heart Of Darkness, Award Winning - HIT Entertainment
Korea's Forbidden Zone, Parthenon Entertainment
Legends Of the Ice World, NDR Naturfilm
Jaguar Man, NDR Naturfilm
The Real Fight Club, Parthenon Entertainment
Porpoises Life And Death, National Geographic
Devine, Film Four BAFTA nominated
Mountains Of Scotland, STV 6 part series available on DVD
Six Moments In History, STV 6 part series
Lighthouses Of Scotland, CCG 6 part series
Artery: Nets On Canvas, STV 1/2 hr programme
Grampian News, STV North evening & daily news
Nomads In Space, Suevia Films/ HIT Wildlife
BAFTA Scotland Awards, SMG
The Dummy, Cineworks, BBC, Scottish Screen
Man At The Window, BBC, Eight and a Half Short
Last Of The Dragons, Nat Geo, HIT Entertainment
2001 Pop Odyssey Double Album CD EMI Music/ Music House
Rise, Music House International
Bear Evidence, National Geographic
Changing Shape with Carol Smillie, Universal Video
Chill Dream ,KPM Music
Desire, KPM Music
Drifter, Music House
Pro Teams Rugby, The Bridge
Zambezi Force Of Life, Dr Rudolf Lammers Naturfilmproduktion
Spirit Of Scotland Awards, SMG

Updated:  March 13, 2016

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