Aleksandra Berlyakova Resume

      Alexandra Berliakova Piano

Alexandra Berliakova was born in 1989 in Magnitogorsk. She studied in Magnitogorsk Government Lyceum of Magnitogorsk Conservatory from 1996-2004, and took piano and theory courses. During this period, she also took part in international competitions and gave solo and ensemble concerts.
She studied under the guidance one of the best Russian Professors and participated in Music conferences. This allowed her in 2004 to successfully enter the Music College of Magnitogorsk, Glinka, in Department of Theory and History of music.
From 2004-2009, Alexandra completed her studies with honours and wrote several research works about East and Russian Music and Folklore. She played in international and regional concerts and competitions with famous and successful musicians from all the world.
Since 2010-2011, Alexandra has focused on the organization and presentation of concerts, in parallel with helping and training young students and teachers from Magnitogorsk Technical University and the Madnitogorsk Academic University.
From March 2011, Alexandra was teaching piano and voice in Abu Dhabi Young Musician Institute in the UAE and organizing cocerts there

Updated:  September 9, 2013

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