Alberic Miftah Resume

About DJ BERIC :
Starts learning DJ in Dec 2006, Beric finished his first basic DJ class in early 2007 in Palembang. In mid of 2007 Beric goes to Jakarta to continue his DJ class in Spinach DJ School, he takes master-class and producer-class in here, with Riri Mestica (well knowned DJ / Producer in Indonesia) as his direct tutor, he also takes DJ battle class in Dopespinners DJ School, with Sonny DMC (Indonesia DMC Champion & World DMC Champion Finalist) as his tutor. In his early year as a DJ, Beric has been playing in many big events at many big clubs and outdoor events in Palembang, and several big events at Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Lampung and another major cities in Indonesia. With play alongside with Riri Mestica, Romy, Bone, Milinka, Winky, Blanco and another Indonesia top DJ's. Not only that, in his very young age, Beric has been playing as a resident DJ in Beta Houze Palembang, Putri Lounge Horison Hotel Palembang, Princess Club Palembang, Center Stage Novotel Palembang (semi resident), and play in a weekly radio program at Real Radio Palembang (97,5FM : Electronic Saturday) & OZ Radio Palembang (89,2FM : OZ Discoland). With his label, Beric also run a DJ school, party organizer, DJ management *voltune & dopespinners, and have created some of the biggest party-events in Palembang & other cities. Not only good in CDJ's and Turntables, beric also plays good in other live set such as Traktor and Ableton Live Set. In his DJ set, Beric always put a “digital touch” in his set, with connect an effector or a midi controller (M-Audio Trigger Finger / NI Maschine). His unique DJ'ing style has lead him to winning a DJ Competition in Palembang (Starmild-Sriwijaya Post DJ Competition, 1st Winner), Jakarta (7tune next generation DJ Competition), and became finalist in several DJ competition in Jakarta (Doomz DJ Competition, Ravelex Campus DJ Battle, Pioneer Pro DJ Battle). His music-production skills is amazing too, it proved by his original song / remixes became the top requested song in several clubs and radio in Palembang. His musical style is influnced by many DJ's such as James Zabiella, Eddie Halliwell, DJ Craze, DJ Fly, DJ Kentaro and many turntablist dj. In his sets, beric put the skill & creativity in number one priorities rather than playing “safe & regular” like other millions dj's who put “the musical flow” as his priorities in his sets.

Updated:  November 12, 2010

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