Mitty & The Followers, is one of the hottest Motown , R & B and variety acts around. Known for their high stepping energize performance, this band is perfect for any occasion. from corporate events, Festivals, weddings, college and club functions etc…with it's incredible ability to cover decades of music. From the 40's to the present, big band, classic soul, funk and the smooth Motown sound for your guests in 2011. When you feel the groove and hear the soulful and dynamic vocals, you'll know right away – IT'S A SHOW AND A PARTY YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS.

If you want a dance band with a major level singer that knows how to give you and your guests a great time, meet Mitty . "You not gonna to find another singer and band like this one! "He gets down and funky with the crowd and they absolutely love him! They love this man!!! This singer and band is excellent for festivals, wedding receptions and parties. Professional, reliable,and always on time. This band is sooooooo good that you "will" re-live some of the best times of your life when they play! This is a worry- free act. Mitty and The Followers are ready to do a great job, so once you book him you can relax and be confident that it's going to be a wonderful event.! He is awesome and has the reputation and references to back it up. No hype with this act. He is the real thing!!! Mitty is one of the roughest and sweatiest, working up some of the Upstate NY hottest dance floor grooves hits likes 60's soul " In the Midnight Hour, " When a Man Loves A Woman, ''Don't let the grass fool you" and sooooooooooo many more great songs to enjoy by this awesome vocalist and band. A rock solid R&B man with an electrifying steamy presence! "I 've been singing for years. Singing is my greatest passion.

The outstanding Eric "Mitty" Moore is very well known around the Upstate, NY for performing the best on to the Ole School Rhythm & Blues, Motown and Stax Soul. He keeps the rhythm going with stylish bass lines. He'll walk a bass line right up the middle of the room and back again before you know what hit you. it a shuffle, a slow R&B , or something down and funky, he's right on the beat, providing a solid rhythmic foundation. Mitty a Man And His Music along will leave the audience in jaw dropping amazement at conclusion of his set. He plays left hand upside down bass with the Legendary Dukes and with many other bands, now he is playing his own show!

Stevie Lyons, His guitar style is unique and emotionally charged, spiced with just a touch of his hard-edged rockin' blues player in the tradition of Billy Gibbons, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Duane Allman. Southern-style rock and blues that cuts right to the bone." At the center of this band is Stevie whose dark-tinged vocals and nasty guitar tones recall the best of the Upstate NY hottest musicians. At his worst Stevie sounds like a pre-pop-star Clapton filtered through southern sensibilities. At his best , he sounds purely like himself. His playing is impassioned; his deftness at picking quickly is matched only by the smoldering intensity of his playing. In short, Stevie is one of the absolute best blues guitarists around Upatate NY today." A natural feel for the playing blues on the guitar is not something learned out de big note songbook, ya know, and it's even more challenging to find a group of musicians who can do blues or soul like it needs to be done and that's Stevie Lyons. Mitty and Stevie played together for 22years with the Legendary Dukes and they still do .

Paul Mastriani has been playing drums for over 20 years. He sits firmly in the pocket, punching out accents in the melody without overpowering the sound. Whether it's a shuffle or a ballad, the beat is right on and keeps your foot stomping. Throughout his career Paul has had the pleasure of performing all genres of music. From performing with big bands as a drum set, vibraphone and percussionist, to being a principal percussionist in several zydeco bands, like Redline Zydeco! He has experience with Steel Drum Bands and intimate settings with jazz combos. Paul also has traveled the Upstate,NY circuit with rock and pop bands, earning lots of valuable experience. With this wide variety of experience Paul has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with greats musicans, and being Mitty's "secret weapon"!!!

Organ Master Sammy Gruttadauria There's nothing fancy about his music. It's basic to the bone, always swinging and steeped in blues and gospel. Sammie "G" says blues is about feeling. "That's the most important thing," he says. "During the past few years, a popular trend has taken hold in the jazz world, the comeback of the Hammond B-3 organ. Under the influence of the great Jimmy Smith in the '60's, the instrument had become so popular that it seemed that ever major city featured organ combos in their neighborhood bar. Then in the '70's, with the rise of the electric piano, synthesizers and disco rhythms, the organ went into a near complete eclipse, and alm

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