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I grew up in a musical family. I Started to gig when I was 12 and was part of an acapella group when I was 15 years old. Since then I have done a lot of live concerts, which were mainly gospel, including gigs at "Le Touesrock Hotel" a 5 stars Hotel in Mauritius Island. I love to entertain people, this is another reason I enjoy to be in the music industry. I started my developement as Entertainer with kids at "Le St- Geran One & Only Resorts" where I gain a lot in experience until I moved to "Le Beau Rivage Hotel" where I developed other skills to make clients more comfortable and have lots of fun. I have work with great muso's in Mauritius & other countries like Toto Lebrasse, Mary Kiani, Maista(Christophe L'omelette), Nathalie & Franco Legrand, Jamino(Joel Adinaden), Wendeline Dufrene, Olivier Cerdor, Antoine Lobe and many others.

Now I am studying at the Australian Institute of Music, doing a Bachelor of Contemporary music majoring in vocals. While I am in Sydney, I do gigs involving lots of soul, jazz, reggae, funk, zouk, bossa nova,etc... I also play guitar and percussion. My ambition is to give always the best even that I know no one is perfect, and be responsible of any of our act but also to enjoy as much as possible life as it is unpredictable and specially for me to pass on the message that I do have to the world through my music.

Updated:  November 16, 2010

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