Mr. G. Resume

       I'm multi-instrumentalist and freelancer. I'm looking for job and musical contact.

As a drummer I played with the polish artists and with polish blues and jazz bands.
During the international contracts in Germany, Bahrain, Cyprus and ferries like Skania and Polonia I played on keyboard instruments. I also worked as a session musician. I used to record for Polish Television and Polish Radio.
As a sound engineer I worked with a lot of musicians not only from Poland but also from Europe, United States and Australia. During International Music festival Malta in Poznan I cooperated with theaters from Australia, France and Spain. I provided the sound during Radio and TV programs such as concerts, cabarets, radio broadcast "Summer with the Radio" and journalistic programs. I also provided the sound in concerts halls, amphitheatres and stadiums, clubs, discos. I used to provide the sound abroad eg. in Germany during the Summer Festival in Hamm.

Updated:  June 17, 2012

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