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My name is Gianni Bonanno, I am an Italian musician and I play in piano bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants in hotels, resorts and on cruise ships as "one man band".
I play saxes, clarinet, flute, keyboards and I sing.
My repertoire is international and includes evergreens, standards, pop, soft classic, latin and italian music etc, it is chosen according to the age and nationality of the audience, made for dancing and listening.
I played in clubs, restaurants, disco, hotels in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Morocco.
I also played onboard cruise ships in Europe, Carabean sea and south America (Home lines, Sitmar lines, Paquet, Compagnie des Iles du Diamant, Msc Crociere, Costa Crociere,), on ferries in Mediteranean and North sea (Corsica ferries, Grimaldi lines, GNV, DFDS), on ships in river cruises (Viking River Cruises) and in resorts in Sardinia, Egypt and Maldives.

Main engagements

2003 Domina Coral Bay (Sharm El Sheik)
2004 Domina Coral Bay, Denmark (Klintholm Havn, Skagen) on riverboat Normandie, cruise ship Le Diamant in south America
2005 Le Diamant, in Denmark (Copenhagen, Klintholm Havn)
2006 in Denmark and resort Madoogali (Maldive).
2007 Madoogali, Copenhagen and on board MSC Musica
2008 On MSC Orchestra and Denmark.
2009 ITI Hotels in Costa Smeralda (Sardinia)
2010 On board cruise ship Costa Serena
2011 On board "La Suprema" GNV, Hotel dei Pini (Sardinia)
2012 Grand Hotel Colonna Capotesta (Sardinia)
2013 in Danmark (klintholm Havn), Imperiale Palace Hotel (Santa Margherita)
2014 Imperial Palace Hotel (Santa Margherita), Klintholm Havn (Danmark)

I speak Italian, English, Danish and Spanish.
I sing in Italian. English, French, Spanish and Brasilian

Updated:  September 11, 2014

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