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Karen Anne Mofar Domingo -Female vocalist
Been singing for 21 years in different hotels and bars around asia.
marital status: Married
Date of birth: November 11,1975
Nationality: Filipino

Ferdinand Olaguer- Male vocalist
Been singing for 20 years all over asia with some well- known artist.
marital status: Married
Date of birth: November 12,1972
Nationality: Filipino

Pierre Donovan Luib
Been playing bass guitar for 19 years all over asia, accompanied well known artist all over asia.
Marital status: Marries
Date of birth: September 4,1977
nationality: Filipino

Elmer Palermo
Been playing as a keyboardist for 25 years all over the world,been a keyboardist of ARNEL PINEDA (The journey lead singer)
Marital status:Married
Date of birth: March 18,1962
Nationality :Filipino

Darren Mercado
Been playing as a drummer for 19 years in Hongkong,beijing,singapore and macau.
Marital status: Married
Date of Birth: February 27,1977
Nationality: Filipino

Carlo Unido
Been playing for 25 years as a guitarist and a vocalist.
Marital status: Married
Date of birth:
Naionality: Filipino

Updated:  November 28, 2010

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