Divasland Inc.. Resume

      Allright its like this........
I did all I can to collect videos and audio, mp3 tracks so you can join in and experience the world of Divasland Inc.. music is the soul food if you agree with me so there is only one thing knock and get right in and get a aroma - taste of what were doing guitars and vocals that is our best part - we do hotels and sesseons for E.M.I if you ever need a guitar and percussionist with dance and atittude so please dont hesitate we have a bag of crispies and gadgets that can bring the audiences in trance

thanks, see yall-In 2011- I wish all of you a very happy new year and may GOD bless all of yall and bless you all with good healthy and please remember stay out of trouble - dont drink and drive- DADDY
Greetings from Nini A Jasmine

Updated:  December 31, 2010

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