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Originally from London, England, Benjamin Brown (24) and William T Dobson (26) are professional performing musicians with 18 years experience between them.

During this time they have performed all over the world encompassing Australia, China and South East Asia as well as most of the UK.

Some of their achievements include entertaining clients of all types around china for the past year, graduating from the acclaimed Brighton institute of modern music, performing at several major music festivals, appearing on UK national and local radio shows as well as recording and acting for an American independent feature film. (Last summer)

They have also written original compositions for a prime time BBC television show (the urban chef) as well as opening their own recording studio and performing with some of the UKs biggest acts.

Over the past year in china they have been on CCTV and Jiangsu TV performing and talking about the music industry.

They are currently performing at functions such as weddings and real estate openings as well as at bars and clubs around the country on acoustic guitars with harmonizing vocals. They are able to play to any style and have the experiance to perform whatever the event requires.

Check our website www.wix.com/wtdobson/willjmain

Updated:  June 2, 2011

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