Tamara Resume

Profession:singer. RANGE: MEZZO-SOPRANO.
Date and place of birth:20th of march, 1982, Rimini-Italy
Address:Via Banfi, 43, Villa Verucchio (RN)-47826
Mobile: 0039 338 3528248

• School-leaving certificate inapplied art (sect. Photographic,film and tv image) obtained in 2002 c/o the “Federico Fellini”Art institute in Riccione.
• Final year student in “Psycology of clinical case” at Urbino University.
• Some specialization certificates in: “hypnosis”, “body language (no verbal communication)”, “human needs and problem”, “self control”, issued by the IPA-CNV psychology association.
• Ministry of Education' acknowledged certificate: “Memory and fast-reading techniques,study strategies course”.
• Language: English and japanese (school-japanese)

From 1996 in the following institutes:
• “Mubi Studio Recording” of Stefano Bianchi”.
• “Riccione Musical high-school” sect.Modern teaching pedagogy: classic method.
• “Comandini School of Rimini” sing class (G.Lusetti) and sect.piano (I.Comandini)
• “New graphic ballet” (dance's teacher: Helen and Beatrice) sect.modern.
• Opera:”Accademy of Cattolica” sect.lyric (A.Gilberto).
• “Theatre's school Riccione” (teacher:Nicola Fuschini)
Periodic refresher corse about didactis and pedagogy of modern sing:
• “Indisposition of artistic voice, from diagnosis to treatment”, AUSLRavenna (F.Fussi and Tiziana Fuschini).
• Stage:theatre and diction course”, Riccione.
• Stage:”TV figurant”; Italian Federation Actors and Models, Milano.
• Stage: “Sing academy of Sanremo”: certificated by Pablimod-artistic productions.

1998-Trio “Nello”: music in parties and ceremonies like singer and Animator.
1999-Duo “Tamara and Nello”: piano bar singer.
2000-“Caelestium Company: moder music and entertainment Gala and convention music.
Singer, dancer, presenter.
2001/04-Duetto “Gessica and Tamara”:music, piano bar (occasional cooperation), siger.
2002-Orchestra “Vincenzi”:Folk and lyric music,‘60/'70 siger and dancer.
2002/03-Blu melody company: dance music, modern and ‘70/'80 singer, dancer.
2002/03-Orchestra “Roberta Band”.music and group dance hully guly:singer and dancer.
2002/03-Orchestra “Leardi e Bronz”, music and folk group dance: presenter and singer
2003-Trio “Cuba,cuba”, show: “Latino mericana”:Singer, dancer.
2003-“Tamara and Nello” ceremonies and wedding music. Singer
2003-Teacher at “Riccione Musical higth-school” sect.modern and cooperation with music-hall's class.
2004/06-Orchestra “Baiardi”, lyric and dance music,‘60/'70/'80. dancer and singer.
2006/07-COSTA CRUISE , rank:singer on Costa Allegra ship's Orchestra in Japan,China,Vietnam,Corea: Oriental passengers.
2007-RIGENT CRUISE (american Company):solo singer on NAVIGATOR: "6 STARS SHIP."jazz music and Italian classic music
2008-Costa Crociere (costa Classica) Band Leader of a Trio jazz music.
2009-costa crociere: crew show ,solo singer theatre
2009-Costa Europa: show: "I HAVE A DREAM" solo singer theatre

2001/2002-“Cinema International Festival” Gala, Berlin. “Bacco Premium”, Berlin GrandHotel.
2001-Berlin “Opera theatre”:Entertainment's show.
2000/2001-New's Years Day, St.Morits Grand Hotel.
2000/2001-Gala: literature premium “le Babillard” in Paris, Paris Grand Hotel.
2000/2002-Swiss: parties, music, entertainment's show. Music group:singer and dancer.

2001-sing recording “Ave Maria” (Montebelli), music:organ.. Singer
2002-LP recording (Hard work ultimated in 2004).

Link psychology,theatre and music in therapeutic purpose, in handicap and disability sphere, on normal people too:musictherapy. Put sound and melody in hypnosis scope, in order to preserve the trans condition, scope:speed up the cure time in brief period therapy.

Updated:  January 14, 2011

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