Susanna Suz La Polla Resume

      Susanna, known as Suz, in the past has worked with one of the kings of the italian raggamuffin', Papa Ricky (together with which has recorded the two albums, "Lu Papa Ricky" and "13 semplici ricette"). She sang also with the bolognese punk rock group Sushi a la Suntory beside the guitarist and writer Riccardo Pedrini (Nabat, Wu Ming 5), further she worked with the hip hop producer from Lecce Leg-No, with the bolognese reggae sound system Godzilla, with the funk producer Gopher D / Wastasi and with the bolognese producer Katzuma (the one that with the alias Deda, has been one of the columns of the greatest italian hip hop crew: Sangue Misto).

"Shape of Fear And Bravery" is the title of the debut album as soloist of Suz: matters of fear and courage, histories of complicated years, years to be told in original ways through cross veins of sonorous futurism with the care for the melodic sketches and the tones, years to paint through musical trips that look to the evolution of certain visionaries Anglo-Saxon sounds (from the trip hop of "Choke" to the dubstep of "The gathering", passing through the drum'n'bass echoes of "Countdown") digital trajectories always looking for however with clear intensity a personal voice, warm, pulsating, "human", of strange sweetness. Suz in fact it is most of all an adventurous emotional chronicle in music. Everything started in the 2007 winter from the collaboration of the bolognese singer Susanna La Polla with musician El Reverend M (synth and handsonica, already author of the soundtrack of the documentary film "Killing" directed by SS Sunda), and with the internationally renowned harpist Duccio Lombardi.

Entered in the recording studio No.Mad Studio in Turin last January 2009, the three were followed by the artistic production of Ezra (dj and producer of Royality Records) and the artistic consulence of Alessio "Manna" Argenteri (historical bass player of the italian band Casino Royale). Further to Alessiomanna, whose bass lines characterize five tracks of the record, special guest of "Shape of Fear and Bravery" is the Turin guitarist Paolo Spaccamonti, the three drummers Alessandro Soresini (Smoke, Casino Royale), Davide Compagnoni (Stearica), Mark Alonzo of the recording studio No.Mad Studio, the Turinese saxophonist Cecio (Mr. T-Bone) and the bolognese jazz cello Bruno Briscik. Next release is a cd containing the remixes of all the tracks of "Shape of Fear and Bravery" among which are the one of "The Gathering" by Thavius Beck, the Los Angeles producer collaborator, among the others, of Nine Inch Nails and Saul Williams, and also the remixes of "Fear" by Katzuma / Deda mc, of "Choke" by Gopher / Wastasi, of "Soulminer" by dj TayOne and of "Countdown" by Macro Marco.

Updated:  January 24, 2011

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