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The world may not be prepared for SOFUJID. His music is never redone and stale because he makes every bit of it to reflect what he feels inside.† In a world where music is something uninteresting and used to impress falsehood on the masses, SOFUJID speaks only what he knows the best way he can.

To date SOFUJID has yet to reach all of the minds that he envisions he will when his journey is complete, but he wonít stop until he does.† The days of simply having talent are over when artists make millions and become famous without it.† SOFUJID aims to become the most well know entertainer in history so his methods of music creation and promotion may be quite different then what the average person may think.

SOFUJIDís intention is to enter the mind of every person on the earth by introducing them to his music.† Once his music is heard he can then begin to leave a lasting impression on the listener whether they enjoy his music or not-he calls this infection.† Get infected with SOFUJIDís music and believe that he will carry out what he intends to do.

Updated:  January 26, 2011

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