Julia Fuchs Resume

      Julia Fuchs was born in Ukraine. She started her first piano education at an early age. After completing 8 years of music education Julia moved to Germany. She studied vocals in Hamburg and Freiburg.

Right after having successfully terminated her studies Julia was hired as a pianist and vocalist on board of "Aida Cruises." In between she worked as a piano entertainer all over Germany and sang in a gospel band "Inspiration Gospel Voices." Her next contract brought Julia to the USA. She was playing in a show band on board of "Holland America Line." She was also playing in Norways "Quality Spa Resort" and in Switzerland in several locations.

Last November Julia was on tour in Russia with a great band "Soulisten".

Until recently Julia was singing in "Schmidt Theater," Hamburg.

Recently she was working with a female singer as a duo for gala shows and company events in Hamburg.

Updated:  January 26, 2011

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