John Manuel Gonzalez Resume

John M Gonzalez

Working as a professional musician for 35 years has enabled me

to accumulated extensive experience in the fields of composing,

producing, audio engineering and performing .

In a wing of my home is a digital-midi 500Sq. Foot studio that is equipped with the

latest high-end audio gear. The sound is professional and pristine for

first rate quality (See Equipment list) . For projects that require a larger

recording chamber, studios are available for tracking a whole orchestra

or any combination of live players playing any style of music a project

might call for.

Years of management experience with tight budgets and schedules

ensures efficiency and value in creating dramatic soundtracks.

As a graduate of California State Northridge with a music major and

business minor, I am knowledgeable in the musical and financial aspects of

film making. Completing the UCLA Film Composition program enhances my

ability to integrate all techniques of composition for a polished, impressive


My forte is the ability to emulate the temporary musical tracks

the producers or directors feel work with their particular project.

I am also capable of doing film audio post production with PRO-TOOLS .

Updated:  February 17, 2011

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