Jessica Warman Resume

       Jessica Warman is originally from New Brunswick, Canada and has been singing since the age of 9, competing in various competitions since the age of 16. She auditioned for Canadian Idol twice in 2006 and 2007, making it to the second round of preliminary auditions both times. She also advanced into the top 13 contestants of Maritime Idol in her hometown of Miramichi, New Brunswick. Jessica listed her first love as "the stage" in her high school yearbook of 2007, and has been performing at every opportunity, hoping to make a career in music. Attending Sheridan college of the performing arts in the fall of 2008, Jessica developed the skills it may take to make her dreams a reality, graduating with honors in 2009.

Jessica's love for singing fuels her love for writing, and she continues to write lyrics with the hopes that someday she will get the opportunity to record an original album. Acting is also something Jessica thoroughly enjoys, and she hopes to go as far as possible in the industry. She believes that her driven attitude and ambitions will help her achieve her goals and follow her dreams.


I am currently seeking musicians to form a band dedicated to creating ORIGINAL music. I have approximately 100 pages or more of written lyrics and am always writing more. I hope to find a group who is as passionate about such genres as soft rock, country, pop or alternative as I am. I plan to make a career of my music and am NOT interested in traveling over an hour for rehearsals. If you have your own transportation and possess exceptional talent in music than please contact me and we will talk more about our expectations and hopes for the future. Thanks!

Updated:  February 17, 2011

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