Gabi Mor Resume

      Working for Best Original song website, the site run 2011 best original song competition..
Aspiring musicians no longer have to rely on luck to get their big break. A new website, “Best Original Song” ( offers them the chance to upload their songs for free, and gives music fans a chance to register and hear them for free.
A handful of lucky singers find fame on shows like “American Idol,” almost as few stumble into record company scouts, but the vast majority, no matter how talented, never get that big break that can propel them to mainstream recognition. Now thanks to, however, all that stands in the way of getting their songs out there to the listening public is a few clicks.
The songs will then be featured on live shows on the site broadcast as part of a search for the one tune that will be crowned 2011 Best Original Song. The world premiere live show is on Jan 16th, and successive shows will run on the site every Sunday and Monday at 8.00 pm EST., with each week's shows re-run on for the next 24 hours. Hundreds of songs from musicians across genres and across the planet will participate in the 2011 “best Original song” competition. Many more viewers from all over the world can listen in and vote. After successive rounds, one song will be crowned 2011 Best Original Song; the winner will receive their own page on the site and his work will be send to record labels and hundreds of music producers.
The BEST ORIGINAL SONG site aims to inspire the next generation of songwriters and artists, across all types and styles of music, to bring their original work to a virtual stage. The site will give them worldwide exposure and help them to be as successful as they can be. BEST ORIGINAL SONG is founded on the philosophy that music has no borders and knows no boundaries, and the recognition that musicians' talent can come from all corners of the world.

Updated:  February 24, 2011

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